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Layers of Fear review
by mentalmynx

Platform: PC (Steam)

Playtime: 6h 51m

Completion Date: Jul 07, 2017

Popular Review: "If you're a horror fan, or even just a fan of storylines that make you think, Layers of Fear should be right up your alley. Though it can be completed in a couple of sittings or less, it's an experience not easily forgotten."

My Review: A must-buy if you love the genre and dark grotesque classical art. It's just on the border being of a walking simulator, but it's no problem since it manages to frighten you enough. Following the gameplay style of Amnesia and Penumbra series, the horror aspect mostly relies on hallucinations and ever-changing realities and distortions. The visuals are great, with detailed indoors, perfect dynamic shadows and lighting. Honestly, I've never seen a better colored game before, it's over-realistic.
«Blew my mind»

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A horror walking sim, and a damn good one.
I dug it. One of the better walking sims I've played. Not too long like a lot of others. Just the right amount of freakiness. I loved how linear it was, wish more games these days were linearly focused.

But do NOT play this game with headphones. It will absolutely violate your ear drums. SO many ultra high pitched sfx. Like legitimately harmful. Just use speakers. On low.
Not terrible but not so good either... It has a good creepy atmosphere and some cool scares, but the whole game feels “on rails”, the last “puzzle” is very bad and the ending (1 of the 3) felt unsatisfactory. I had fun though.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
The Art of Madness I was so thrilled with the Game that I played through it in one Move, including the DLC. Gameplay "Layers of Fear" basically plays like an ordinary Adventure from an ego perspective. Every Drawer Can be searched on doorknobs and of course any Drawer can be searched to possibly get Clues about the Story. At first, the Game seems like it gives the Player a lot of Space. But As soon as you stand in the Studio, "Layers of Fear" becomes very linear and roughly divides into 6 Chapters, at the End of which we stand again and again in the Studio and continue to paint on our Artwork. In general, the Game tries to confuse the Player and unsettle him. So you turn away once and suddenly a Door, a Room or a Hallway is created there. That makes the Player doubt himself a little bit! In addition, there are often Passages where you really have to start Thinking Anders. Otherwise, there are some nice Moments of horror, but the Main Focus is clearly on the calm and gloomy atmosphere, while the Game tells the Story. Should you fail and die, the Level will be changed a little and will give the Player a Way out of the Situation. The Game is very short, with DLC I took under 4 Hours of Play time. In the End, a small Search Game annoyed me rather than entertained me. Many, rather inconspicuous, Decisions are possible and there are 3 possible, very well staged, Endings. So Replay Value is also here! Story We play a schizophrenic Painter who works on his Artwork and hallucinates very strongly in the process. By Picking up the Objects and Notes, you can learn a lot about the Story, but everything is very fragmentary and cryptic. That may well be one of the Reasons I played through it in one Go. We learn that there was arguably a Tragedy, our Van Gogh has a Wife and daughter and something must have happened. The Game very well links older events with newer Events and you gradually learn what actually happened. I very reluctant to spoil, but can still say that History often throws the Player into Situations you wouldn't have expected. The whole Story is really very well told, well thought out and leaves me with a little Goosebumps. Grafic/Sound The Graphics of the Game are really good for an indie team. Of Course, the Game is very dark and thrives on the Lighting. A Feast For the eyes, of course, are the Paintings and Portraits on the Walls. A lot Of The Ones are attached to and all seem very arduous and artfully designed. It's not for nothing that there's an Achievement where you're supposed to look at paintings for 60 Minutes. The Soundscape is rather minimalist. Music only sounds when it has a Reason and otherwise we only hear the heavy Steps of our Protagonist. Every Noise must be set to music very well and has a lifelike effect. Also the Voice of our Character is really very, very well spoken and I would like that Voice to be in many other Games as well. In addition, there are Subtitles for Language and Text, which I always see as a nice Bonus. DLC THE DLC "Inheritance" lets the Player slip into the Row of the Daughter who visits the House many Years later. Here you experience many Memories and learn a little more about the Main Story. The DLC HAS just like the Main Game, three Ends and I really liked it. However, the Duration of the Game for the DlC Is just one Hour. Above All, the DLC is a good Mix between Horror and Cuteness, which reminded me very strongly of the game "Among the Sleep." For a full DLC Review, head here! Verdict "Layers of Fear" is an impeccable Horror Game and tells a mysterious and fragmentary Story. The Horror Effects seem very well staged, the Soundscape is really impressive and the Portraits give the Game an artistic Flavour. However, the Game is very short and you should consider whether you want to play it more often. Decisions and Ends definitely stimulate the Player to do so. The Price is a bit happy for the Hours, but I can still recommend "Layers of Fear." But at The latest in case of Interest and an Offer you should strike! If you liked the Review, I'd love to see you follow my Curator Group on Steam To get my Reviews of other Games as well.
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Anyone who gets a shock when a picture falls off the wall and who darkly equates with dster, for the game has a scary factor. Who wants to open a hundred cabinets and drawers, in which usually nothing or nothing useful is in it, for the game has entertainment value. Who writes off numbers or finds objects as a challenge, for whom it is a riddle game. Anyone who has played Myst or Undying will not be happy with this game.
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Non riesco a salvare il gioco. Quando lo riprendo devo iniziare da capo. Ho mandato PIU+PIU'di una mail al Supporto. Solo Bla-Bla-Bla ma senza Cavarne un Ragno dal Buco DISINSTALLATA SENZA PIETA!!!!!!!! tullio Hi. Sorry to see you are having issues with Layers of Fear. Make sure your Mac meets the minimum system requirements to play the game. We see a lot of issues on machines that are not powerful enough to run the game. If you meet all system requirements, please contact our support site so we can look into this issue.
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In this dark and graphically successful game, one follows an inevitable sequence of riddles. Simply to let it in is the experience that prepares us in LoF. The stories are confusing and entertaining, but still summarize the whole very nicely in a frame! After I've played no more drchest game in the past, the headphones made their fabulous contribution. The mix of story, graphics and sound make it a study where you can lose yourself a little bit. Pulse increase and tense neck is included! thanks to the creator !!
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"One hell of a trip to LSD is how you could describe this nightmarish backdrop to this game: a high scary factor (no monsters, no splatter, no blood), great riddles, and some oppressive music come together to make an interesting story has three ends (depending on the action I do not want to explain here) also leads to playing the game several times without it being a boring. Warning! In some places, the high Pipton is very very loud, so headphone not too loud and in an emergency quickly reduce the volume