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Bright Memory review
by mentalmynx

Platform: PC (Steam)

Playtime: 4h 54m

Completion Date: Aug 01, 2020

Popular Review: "Bright Memory has the potential to be great once Infinite arrives, but for now it gets a very light recommendation with some provisos."

My Review: I know this game was created by a one-man studio, but we still need to review the game regardless of what, who or how much money the studio/developer had. Honestly my first playthrough wasn't impressive, I was expecting a little more given what was shown in earlier footage. The game feels like an arcade style title, unpolished, horrible textures, and atrocious character models. Impressed that this what developed by one individual, one person! But that won't make the experience any better. And I'm happy it was short. Couldn't have played for much longer.
«Oh God i managed it»
«Reviewers bribed»

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Pff... guns, swords, use EMI on a wooden door...
«Waste of time»
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Early Access Review So what can I say about the Game, except that this game is just fun ^^ It's true that I found the beautiful Game ^^ The first moments in the Game are true, what's going on there or how horny is that there, etc., I could still do me Write a hr If I want xD ^^ For €5.69/50 min Game time, a lot of Bids will be, from the Soundtrack or the fast Gameplay which also has a lot of combo options with many Skills and of course gibs also boss fights ^^ The Game was made by one Person And what he did there, for that I admire Him that he put out such a Game. Honestly have me in love with the Game and hope that this Person will blow out even more. At Any Time I can highly recommend the Speil ^^