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Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD review
by Luke Irvin

As a mobile game? Amazing. Outside of that? It loses a lot of it's luster. Things, especially the storytelling just do not carry over well to this game. Don't get me wrong, the game introduces some fantastic mechanics that I really hope will return at one point.  The concept of different "personas" having different abilities and even different missions is awesome. The Bayou area is super awesome and unique and I'd love to see it again. Really the main issues with this game are with the storytelling. The story is great, and the voice actors are good especially for a mobile game. The execution of the storytelling? Not so great. Things seem very sudden, or not explained well, and a lot of times you are wondering what the heck is going on. Some of this is remedied in the end, but some is made more confusing. The story also seems.... kind of pointless. Granted, this is a side-game. But I feel like something could have done to make it seem worth it, a better connection to the main arc or something to that effect. Overall, I would say a good game, but only for those that are already invested in the series.

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Interesting ideas executed absolutely shoddy
«Waste of time»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This Game is absolutely not recommended. Warning: Pated Liilers. First, the (unfortunately) very few positive Aspects of the Game. The new Mechanics (Spoilers): 3 Forms of the Main Character with different Characteristics, the combo assassination system etc. are quite interesting and a nice Change from previous AC games. Unfortunately, the 3 Forms, as mentioned at the Beginning, are only really free to use after the End of the Main Story. The Trading System is around Worlds better than that of the "Game partner" AC3. At the Beginning, the Game seemed very promising, both in terms of the Story and new Mechanics. However, it turned out during the Course of the Game that some of the Mechanics were not free to use before the End of the Main Story. (Spoilers) Thus, the 3 different Forms of the Main Character can participate. Not to be selected at the Player's discretion. The Game directs the Player too strongly, forcing more or less to Play the Main Story. The Story itself becomes more and more confusing over time, not least by the (Spoiler) "Citizen E," through the alternative Cutscenes in the Missions, or to Events from missions. Over Time, the Motivation to play this Game (possibly also depending on the Player himself) wanes. Some of the Cutscenes seem to be only there to drag the Game, as they offer no real Content, neither Story nor Background Story to the Character or anything like that. Some of the Missions are also just Gap Fillers, or are approximate only running or Climbing Sequences. While this is not exactly out of character for AC games, there are really a lot of them in this Part. The Long-term Location to continue playing this Game after the Main Story goes (at least with me) towards Zero. Thus, apart from AC1 (which offers no "real" Open-World-in this Sense-it is the most boring or only "Story" game in the Series. The optional Objectives of the Main Missions are in part. Just ridiculous. Either they're just annoying to create and require a frequent "load last Memory point" or they're alarmingly easy to get done. Especially the penultimate Mission (big Spoiler) in which you have to fight against your Mentor is a good Example of this "Failure." One fights in Waves against Illusions of all The targets of assassination. These are equipped with a small Escort (different Enemy types). However, since these remain "invisible" for a very long Time, it is difficult to select the right Counter-method. Since this is the optional Mission of not getting any Damage, it is enormously annoying to fulfill it. (Spoilers) The Point of business Rival Orders Has still not opened up to me, at least. One kills a Business Rival, whereupon a Gun Shop and/or a Tailoring Shop is for Sale. You can then renovate them, but the only Advantage is that you no longer have to go back to your Base of operations, the Warehouse, to access the Merchant fleet. There is no further Income as a result. In addition, there is the Self-interest of the Control, as well as the Bugs, which become more in each new AC part. This significantly reduces the Success Rate or the Fun of Playing. Overall, I conclude that this Game could have been a true Masterpiece. Unfortunately, there are significantly more negative Aspects that make the Game one of the worst Parts of the AC series (from AC1-AC: Syndicate) (my Opinion). The "Successor" AC Rogue, on the other hand, has managed to become one of my personal Favourites in the AC franchise. I am therefore unable to recommend this Game.