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Exatron Quest 2 review
by Mia Blais-Côté

Exatron Quest: L’Épée de Sang is an RPG Maker French game developed by one person. It had been updated and replaced with the “silver dust edition”.

While it does have potential, it had way too many flaws in my eye to be a “good indie game”.

Exatron Quest use mostly RPG Maker Mv RTP aka the software assets, so the game look like many other indie games (the “clone” effect).

The plot is cliché and very boring.

Let’s sum it up: “You, the Hero, have been manipulated by the Generic Main Villain’ Ally, his Sexy and Demonic Widow, Morgana, and you had freed said Generic Main Villain, the Demon King. Now, you must go on a Quest to do Elemental themed dungeons, so you can collect different powers - aka MacGuffins - from the Spirits of Exatron’s World. Then you can perform a ritual to purify a Holy Sword, and then, finally, you can find the Generic Main Villain / Demon King. You defeat him and seal him once again. His Sexy Wife, Morgana, is also defeated. The world is saved. The Exatron Goddess thank you. More adventures await you and your friends you meet on your Quest. THE END. Oh, and you also meet the Legendary Heroes of the Past during your Quest, including your now dead Mother, but that’s not very important for the Dumb Plot. Said Heroes had sealed the Demon King years before you freed him."

This is bad. This is really bad.

Also, in my opinion, the writing is poor and look childish.

The original French version text got many typos as well, which distract from the game, and the English translation is messy at many places. It’s still playable but...

I cannot recommend this game. Skip it. There are much better RPG Maker commercial (paid) games on Steam, like the great “Suits: A business RPG", "Skyborn" , "The Deed", "City of Chains", "Always Sometimes Monsters", "To the Moon", "Last Word", "Antagonist", "Glory by Example", "Captive", and many, many more.

The RPG battles use the standard RPG Maker system. Nothing else to say about them. You battle monsters, grind, defeat bosses. Rinse and repeat. The main character is also a blank state, a player avatar, so he doesn’t interact with his companions / friends. Yes, you can choose his gender and his class (you can be a girl), but many other rpgs do that, too.

As for the companions, Mercuria, Rubis and Hector, they barely have a personality. Their only purpose is to tell the hero where to go to progress the quest, while fighting at his side. That's all. You can also recruit two mercenaries as secondary characters, Sam Ourai and Moina Lisa, but they had no bearing on the plot. Their names are also dumb.

If you're looking for romance / dating sim elements, Exatron Quest had none of those. The game also only got one ending, so there is no incentive to do more than one playthrough. Yes, there are side quests, but they are few, lackluster, and most of them involve guest star characters.

Those guest stars had no explanation in-game of who they are in real life and why they appear as side quest NPCs, so for me they are bland and boring. For what I could gather the guest stars are: a storyteller, two group bands (musicians), the main character and his friends from an obscure French web series, a member from a guild of roleplayers (?).

There is also nothing that could have made Exatron Quest 2 different from the run-of-the-mil, a dime a dozen, RPG Maker games. It’s a short game as well. You can complete it in 5-6 hours, if you rush, or 8-10 hours if you do all the side quests.

Anyway, SKIP IT.
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