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Off The Road review
by Ali Sabyr

Game advantages:
 Lots of activities, flags, missions, easter eggs for other developer games. A lot of transport, boats, planes, helicopters and auxiliary equipment such as a tractor and trailer for collecting hay, and more. Ride anything! Not a small open world, which is rare for mobile games. And not one but several worlds. I liked the gameplay. The atmosphere of the game, races and missions are good. The graphics are great on Ulrah, the detail is super. More physics of damage, makes the game even better.

Game flaws:
 Advertisements, lots of advertisements. The music is a little annoying to be honest. You have to play a lot to open other machines. To open, you need to collect puzzles that fall randomly from the cards. And it is difficult to assemble the whole puzzle on one car.
«Sit back and relax»