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Halo 2: Anniversary review
by mentalmynx

Platform: PC (Xbox Game Pass)

Playtime: -

Completion Date: Dec 01, 2020

Popular Review: "Halo 2: Anniversary is an excellent game, bringing fantastic first-person action and a compelling continuation of the story." - TheGamer

My Review: Halo 2 is bigger, better, and more varied and interesting than first Halo. It evolves the sandbox with amazing new weapons, there are a lot more sprawling levels like the first maps of CE, and ones that are a bit more tighter feel tense and immersing. The whole Arbiter story line is a brilliant and unexpected addition that fleshes out the world and adds more interest to Halo 2's antagonists. The game is pretty as it is, but the Anniversary edition, unlike the first game's remaster treatment, improves the visuals tenfold. Recommend you play this game at least once unlike first Halo, in order not to miss a beautifully designed game.
«Better with friends»
«That ending!»
«OST on repeat»

Other reviews3

A small improvement on the first game. If you liked that one, you'll most likely like this one also. The updated graphics and audio help a lot.

While the level design is much better this time, there are some frustrations. Some levels are simply too long, which is emphasized in the higher difficulties as some enemies are now bullet sponges. Too often the best tactic is just to run through the encounter, which is not exactly why I play the Halo series. The ending is also very abrupt, but luckily the release schedule of the Master Chief Collection is faster than with the originals.
Despite the new coat of paint, this is still the highly flawed Halo 2 underneath. Encounter design is occasionally interesting, but generally relies on bizarre, retired tropes like enemies spawning behind you, or coming in wave after wave. Levels are still composed of nearly identical rooms, often placed right next to each other, which make it difficult to know if you're going in the right direction or backtracking. Most frustrating of all, levels are not designed with clear paths, so you'll often spend a few minutes looking around only to realize that you need to stand on some random purple circle in order to progress.

If you're playing just for the multiplayer, it might be kind of alright. If you're a newcomer the adjustment period is not pleasant, and you'll spend a lot of time getting absolutely annihilated by people who have been playing for over 10 years.
«Oh God i managed it»