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Tom Clancy's EndWar review
by Basilio Guzmán Gómez

Tom Clancy's EndWar PC - Finished on 06/07/2021

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Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Tom Clancy's EndWar storyline continues the alternate universe of the writer Thomas Clancy (1947-2013), which includes books about Jack Ryan, and several series of video games on the Scenarios of Clancy – "Ghost Recon", "Splinter Cell", "Rainbow Six" and "H.A.W.X.". As a matter of fact, speaking directly, "EndWar" is the apotheosis of everything that happened in the world of Clensey. All these secret spy games, geopolitical conflicts sooner or later were to end the Last War of Humanity-the Third World. The Game is very similar to "World in Conflict", which threw in a futuristic setting. We have a multiplayer, Singler and quite standard campaign, where They give a play for one of the three sides of the conflict-the USA, Russia or Europe. Unfortunately, despite the wide coverage of events in the world of the game, the storyline plays its role only in the first 9 missions, as a prologue to the Third World, and all the rest of the time we have a simple routine-to capture more enemy cities, and not to let them capture their. On The one hand, this allows you to focus solely on the gameplay, but on the other side of the story about the conflict create the impression of incompleteness "EndWar", compared with the already mentioned "World in Conflict" with its course of narration. Maps, where fighting in the game, look pretty good, and presented locations East coast of America, Western and Eastern Europe. They will give from sunny Washington to winter Moscow, from the airbase Ramstein to the docks of Sevastopol. And thanks to several modes of play-from the banal capture of the Towers to the raid with the destruction of key buildings, each time have to rebuild their tactics to win. Of the minuses of the game I would like to note an uncomfortable camera that is firmly attached to the units, and does not allow you to freely explore the battlefield, as it was in "World in Conflict". On the other hand, it turns the gameplay of the game in favor of tactics, and not a reckless "Rasha". Here, even each unit is adapted to fight exclusively against another enemy units. For example, tanks effectively beat the anti-aircraft, anti-aircraft respectively descend from the heavens helicopters, well, and the helicopter click Tanks as nuts. Also, the game was well handed the atmosphere of the "Last War", when the news summaries in between battles open a little picture of how slowly the entire planet is slipping into chaos. Tom Clandy's EndWar is a logical completion of the entire universe, which was developed by The Old Tom Clancy. The Game is not without flaws, but it will certainly find its gamers who miss the clean gameplay without pathos about the saviors of the world. After all, in what other game will you be given the opportunity to bomb the Kremlin from laser weapons, "arrange Kuzkin Mother" in Paris, or artillery to shoot the building of the Capitol?