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Please, Don’t Touch Anything review
by mentalmynx

Platform: PC (Steam)

Playtime: 1h 33m

Completion Date: Jun 16, 2021

Popular Review: "Puzzle gamers looking for an interesting challenge should touch the download button for this game." - Gamers' Temple

My Review: 'Please, Don't Touch Anything' is a puzzle game. You're asked to watch over this box with a large, red button, and asked not to touch anything. The magic begins when you press the button, and more controls open. Doing certain things opens more controls and more ways to interact with the box, and your goal is to get each of the possible endings by performing specific tasks. The problem is that the things that need to be done are not at all straightforward. You'll have to use your puzzle-solving skills and your curiosity to see all the content. You'll have to hunt for clues and find out what to do with them. Enjoyed this game, but I don't think it's for everyone. If you don't have the patience to work through riddles, this game isn't for you.
«Blew my mind»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
You will want to stop this button to death Previously have not met any crypto-games. With the task of "decipher it". Here is about this and you do, behind the same panel, which is miraculously transformed into a pixel after the next stage of the solution. Here is a very cool soundtrack, which makes, seemingly, from the unpretentious game, something atmospheric. It would be Desirable to see this genre, in particular in the steam, more developed and often meeting. There are some games where you do something about the lack of talking. There's plenty of it. For What you can sit longer: + Endings full of variety and Pashalok + General atmosphere and authenticity + Pixel performance of all Entourage + Crypto-theme as such, Feel like a Jedi deduction + Easter, mini-games, updates with a new Content (already a few pieces were after a seemingly complete release) Need more games of this direction and style ~: 3 P.S. Even if you will be too difficult, in the nuts already all long painted Score: 8.0 the Best Control Panel Satanist 2015! In This game there is nothing superfluous, Masterpiece ~! * Your Humble Servant-Curator
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I got the app cheaper, but I regret having spent 1.99 for it. At first start, you absolutely do not know what to do, or what should be the goal of the game. Later, I realized that only different disasters should be achieved by certain combinations. Idea is alright, but great fun really does not do it all.
Translated by
Microsoft from Danish
The guys in the game are not particularly fat, more just annoying. And that's all the game goes out, that's all a boring and bad game. The buttons on the box are very small and even though they zoom in, they are too heavy to hit. The reset button, on the other hand, is all too easy to hit, so you will hit it by mistake when you are not long. Can't recommend the game - even if they are for puzzle games.
Translated by
Microsoft from Dutch
After reading a very enthusiastic piece about this app in the newspaper. It is indeed fun, printing on things, playing with combinations of numbers, etc. But coincidence also often plays a role and some puzzles that you solve I think, mwah, did I really do this? Furthermore, it looks very cheap and I find the annoying interface. And star, could have been worked out much nicer.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This game is superficially admirable. The puzzling is also usually fun ... Also, if it is either about Satan (really unnecessary) or coincidental finding. The latter I find much frustrating, because after a good half an hour but annoyed on the Internet looking for the next step - and often sees more, which one did not want to know. On the subject of Satan: There's the devil goat, the number, several pentagrams, ** SPOILER ** and to get a "photo" you even have to enter one. In order not to betray too much, I describe briefly what happens then: a really scary face flickers on, if one plays this game late at night that is not quite so empfehm .. ** SPOILER END ** But now to the positives things: + Thousands of options +22 different endings + Programmed with wit + Actually tedious - rarely bored + References! Example: ** SPOILER ** There is a mini-game that sometimes pops up after a reset by finding more Knpe at the touch of a button, and so on. On the screen is a "AWAITING INPUT [_ _ _ _ _ _] ", which is very reminiscent of an achievement of the game" Stanley Parable ". After pressing all the buttons or the right one, you get a passport as a photo of ... Stanley. I love something. ** SPOILER END ** 7/10, I recommend it (except to strictly religious) A lot of fun in the Rtseln wishes ^ Henni