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Need to Know review
by ActivatingInstantKill

Papers Please meets Orwell, Need To Know places you in the chair of an analyst at the Department of Liberty.

Go through the lives of ordinary and not so ordinary citizens, curate their web histories, phone metadata, call records, gps locations, purchase histories, medical records, academic records, employment histories, biometric data, satellite imagery, travel history, bank records and so much more. Afterwards, decide their fate. Do you want to set them free? Flag them for your superiors? Arrest them? Prosecute them? Wiretap them? Launch a smear campaign? How about a drone strike? Or perhaps you want to call in a military assault? Its all up to you.

The enthralling gameplay is meshed seamlessly with an intriguing plot of backdoor deals and clandestine meetings, traitors and conspiracies, politics and corporate climbing. And every second of the way your morals and ethics will be bent if not outright broken.

«Blew my mind»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Is it completely polished? Not yet. But devs are responding to the suggestions and bug reports so fast that is admirable! The game is a gem (or it will be soon) if you liked papers please, need to know takes the concept further!
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
The game is very good looking, seems addictive and entertaining roll papers please. But What you need is to translate it I've talked to the developers and they said they will translate it which is necessary. So I'm waiting for them to do so I can play more comfortable but the game is 10.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Ok, I really tried to give this game a chance. I strolled through boring gameplay with unintuitive interface up until I reached level 8 and was moved to DC where the more interesting stuff was supposed to come up. Now, my game is stuck with the rules screen covering all evidence on the very first mission that you can't remove. The game also doesn't allow for earlier saves so my progress is simply lost. After trying everything I just give up- the game is really not worth the price and was absolutely not worth waiting for.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free Achtung! Everything was here stands refers to v 1.11 + as it was before, I don't know. Great Agenten/Detectiv/Spitting game (you can't say that exactly)-Definitely quite innovative! For my Part, I haven't picked up a Game like that yet. In Short, we are hired under Pretence of false Facts by a newly created Authority, which has set itself the Goal of looking at the (criminal) fingers to the dear Fellow Citizens. We can try to search their Meta-data for clues to crooked Things, or also Tell our Bosses that we can't find anything in the poor Sausage. In the Course of The Game, we level up, Unlocking new Spying skills and finding increasingly complex Tasks. Definitely Feel well entertained and can only recommend this to anyone who wants to play "something else." If you would Like to take a look at what is going on, you are cordially invited to my little Channel! Thank you at the Place at Momomyth Games for Providing the Key!