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by mentalmynx

Platform: PC (Steam)

Playtime: 6h 36m (100% complete)

Completion Date: Jul 27, 2020

Popular Review: "Mind Control Delete ultimately feels like an arcade-mode add-on that should’ve been included with the original release. Although it’s novel, I value the original’s audacity in presenting a brilliant idea without wasting any of my time. Mind Control Delete feels like the antithesis of that – it’s a bloated diversion that exists to provide more hours of gameplay without any larger purpose. It’s just more for the sake of more, and after my time with it, I’d say it’s actually too much, too late." - GameCritics

My Review: Gameplay wise it's pretty much the same thing as the last game, but with a few added power-ups. I really liked the first game, but this just feels too repetitive.
«Oh God i managed it»
«Game over at last!»
«Reviewers bribed»

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Superhot, but its a rouge-lite
Great game, I loved everything except one thing - it is TOO LONG. 
The story is meaningful and meta - I love it -, but I truly believe this game is just too long, at least if you go for the 'side nodes'. After a while it starts being repetitive and there's not really much to add to it. I feel like the first one was moved in a much better following the story. 
Man they really made a whole ass game to tell you "just take what you get and stop asking for more"
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Microsoft from Russian
Early Access Review is no longer just a SUPERHOT... This is something more... For myself, I have already stressed that Poles are able to do not that good, but rather unusually interesting games. Superhot Team decided to continue its success and after the release of SUPERHOT VR they went on... They have created an independent addon for their game! And gave him early access and a year of development under the wing of fans! On the page of the game is written: "After leaving early access, the game will get all the owners of the original SUPERHOT for free!", but I did not hold up and decided to buy this doddtree. I don't regret it Yet! It is Not necessary to say that the root of the gameplay remained the same. When we are moving, then time moves. You can read my review on the original SUPERHOT to "get involved". The game still has a lot of pashalek and jokes for the English-speaking audience. If you speak a language-rate! About The plot itself does not say anything. It is Not clear whether the developers want something screw or it is just a branch from the plot of the original game, where our mind becomes part of some Superhot. From The interactive buns here there are so far several applications: Chat. exe-chat with our friend. So Far it does not work, but in the beginning it is desirable to go after each game action, because there you can understand that already begins some "story" the Internet. EXE-probably will function somehow in the future, but so far except Pairs of information pages related to the game universe, there is a log from developers and other small information. Notepad. exe-it is possible after a couple of passed levels to go there and "we" will carry there some notes. From Some it is impossible not to smile. Looks like this game is still a little opportunity. Are the developers so lazy? In the game we have to pass stages that consist of levels and stores between them. In The shops you can either buy a place for another heart, or to fill the whole life. And Yes, here we will have the opportunity to make more than one mistake. Maximum 4. Stages make up modes. So Far, there are two of them, but more! Still in the game much more throwing weapons, more types of enemies, and their concentration increased. The farther you pass the stages of the modes (eg 7th), the more difficult and more enemies come across the path. Sometimes the game turns into a puzzle, when you need to really calculate what actions and in what order to do not go to the main menu. The Game has become more difficult and interesting. And Yes. Even compared to the latest levels of the original game! List all the things that are present in the game I will not, because I would be lazy to update the review after each upgrade is pointless and carries spoilers. If you liked the concept of the original-take, you will not regret! This Is still the same wonderful timeskiller, especially under the music from a personal playlist! 7.5 Flying Diskettes/10 Estimate my review and read the others! Thank you for your attention!