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Arcadegeddon review
by mentalmynx

Platform: PC (Epic Games)

Playtime: 1h 54m

Completion Date: -

Before the Review: Arcadegeddon is an early access game that’s clearly in the early stages of its life cycle. It has a whole bunch of good ideas but all of them are flawed in some capacity, with it recommended that early buyers should either be confident in IllFonic’s continued support of this project, or eager enough to play what is currently an exciting but limited shooter. If IllFonic focuses on improving its progression system and sticks to its planned roadmap that includes more biomes and more weapons, then it could have something great on its hands when it receives its full launch in 2022.

Popular Review: "Although some rough edges make the early access status clear, it’s already a fast-paced and highly competitive bundle of fun that can only get better from here.[Issue#5, p.92]" - PLAY

My Review: It’s fun for maybe one or two hours, then you realize there’s nothing to do except do the same arcade mode repeatedly with no real story and just one small hub to run around and turn on quests. Wish they’d make it a looter shooter and let you keep your guns instead of just customize them.