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Aliens: Fireteam Elite review
by Omzo

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a valiant third-person shooter in the titular universe, yet still falls somewhat short. As a bite-sized, mindless action game on the surface, blasting away hordes upon hordes of xenomorphs with the M41A Pulse Rifle is excellent. Trying different classes, abilities, and unlockable weapons help keep gameplay refreshing during your first run. However, Fireteam Elite wants to be replayable and what’s on offer simply isn’t that fun to return to. Formulaic level design and often buggy AI make finishing missions a chore rather than a triumph. Series fans will enjoy the package, but Aliens: Fireteam Elite may struggle to survive against other co-op shooters. “Another glorious day in the Corps…” but not much longer than that.

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«Disappointment of the year»

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The graphics and overall presentation 5/10 . This definitely looks more at home on a last gen console / system than current gen Gameplay 7/10 . This is your run of the Mill 3rd Person Shooter. Nothing new or ingenious here . You’ve seen it all before . The positive aspect of this though is you can immediately get into the action and not be worried about a learning curve Story 8/10 . Lots of fan service here with a ton of new lore to add to the expansive Alien franchise. The game truly captures the frantic action of the Cameron Movie and gives you a taste of what the USCM felt like going up against the Xenomorphs . You get introduced to new ( rather nasty ) variants too Overall - 7/10 . If you’re an Aliens or Shooter fan this is a fun ( relatively cheap ) game to get and spend time in blowing away Giegers Nightmares. The game can be played solo or coop but the fun lies in coop . Spent 4 hours yesterday with the squad on Standard and while we were in control most of the time blowing the nasties away , some times the sheer number of Xenos coming your way from all sides ( and I do mean from everywhere) can make a relatively controlled situation into a SNAFU real fast 😅 . Stay Frosty People !