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Umineko no Naku Koro ni Saku ~Symphony of Catbox and Dreams~ review
by d4rasmus

What does this release have to offer, aside from the best piece of fiction of the 2000s? A nice addition of extra content, actually. While TsubasaHane can feel somewhat unnecessary at first, some of the arcs provide neat fan service, and some good slice of comedy; Our Confession is important, if not necessary and just totally worth reading for all the little bits of insight and ‘backstage’ lore it provides; And Last Note is just what you need if you wanted more Umineko, presenting us the last piece of puzzle that could not be fit into the main story and an amazing hyper charismatic character along with it for you to enjoy, while also being just the type of fanservice addition the game would only benefit from, overall a ride worth experiencing by any fan. Also more awesome music. Get the Switch version.