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Fishy Bits 2 review
by Ky2873

Good game but needs more, so I got some ideas you could add.

Interactive fish behaviour: fish could have unique behaviours and personalities making each encounter different and adding depth to the gameplay.

Ecosystem impact: players actions could affect the game’s ecosystem, such as overfishing leading to a scarcity of certain fish types.

Aquatic challenges: introduce special challenges like escaping from giant predator.

Fish schooling: implement schooling behaviour where small fish group together for protection, requiring new strategies from the player.

Hidden treasures: scatter hidden treasures throughout the levels that players can find for bonus points and special items.

Conservation mode: A game mode focused on conservation efforts, teaching players about the importance of marine preservation.

Custom sound effects: Allow players to record and use their own sound effects for different actions in this game.

Player vs. Environment (PvE mode: create scenarios where players must survive against environments, like strong currents and low visibility.

Also this game has 3 stages, stage 1 where the background is light blue in the ocean, stage 2 where light blue turns into dark blue and stage 3 where the background goes black.

So it would be fun if there was more to progress through.

So add more stages I want 9 stages in this game please.

So make the background in stage 4 light green colour please.

Also add some elements in stage 4 like unique predators and prey: introducing new fishes in stage 4 would keep this game exciting.

Also add special abilities: players could unlock a special ability or power-up unique to stage 4, enhancing their gameplay experience.

Also add some environmental hazards like underwater volcanoes and underwater currents could add new obstacles to navigate.

Also add a boss battle at the end of stage 4 please.

Also add some interactive elements like hidden caves and currents.

Also when this game gets a stage 5 add some bioluminescent creatures: adding fishes and plants that glow could create a visually stunning environment and introduce new gameplay machines related to light and visibility.

Also add dynamic weather implementing weather changes like storms or underwater currents could affect how players navigate the stage.

Also in stage 5 the background should turn to dark green.

Also when this game gets a stage 6 add an alien invasion: Introduce an extraterrestrial element where alien fishes invade, bringing new challenges and power-ups.

Also add mythical creatures: include legendary sea monsters and mythical fish that offer special bonuses and challenges.

Also add advanced AI: Implement smarter predators fishes with advanced AI that learn from the players moves.

Also add customisation: give players the ability to customise their fish with different skins, abilities and attributes.

Also add global leaderboards: Introduce leaderboards to courage competition among players worldwide.

Also stage 6 should have a gray background.

Also when this game gets a stage 7 add a evolving Environment: the stage could change dynamically as the player progresses, with the environment evolving to reflect the player’s growth.

Also add special events: introduce time-limit events where players can earn unique rewards and face off special predators.

Also add aquatic phenomena: add natural underwater events like whirlpools, geysers and bioluminescent algae booms that can help or hinder the player.

Stage 7 should have a pink background 

Also when this game gets a stage 8 add adaptive fishes: fishes that adapt their behaviour and abilities based on the player’s actions, making each encounter unique.

Also add epic quests: long-term quests that span multiple stages, culminating in stage 8 with significant rewards.

Also stage 8 should have a dark pink background.

Also when this game gets a stage 9 which I want to be the final stage add epic boss fights: introduce formidable bosses that require unique strategies to defeat, serving as the final guardians 

Also add ultimate abilities: unlock the the most powerful abilities or transformation for the players fish, giving a sense of reaching the peak of evolution.

Also add endgame quests: offer challenging quests that test all aspects for playing skills, with rewards that commemorate their achievements.

Stage 9 should be back to blue background but with the player on top of its food chain.

Also add at the surface of the ocean some seagulls to catch, some waves and some birds swooping down to catch the player fish.

Also add more dangers in stage 1 like whales, dolphins, octopuses and sea turtles please.

Also all the stages needs lots of dangers and even prey.

Also add more game modes like survival mode, challenge mode, adventure mode, multiplayer mode and zen mode please.

Also add a practice mode please.

Also add some treasure hunts: scatter hidden treasures through out the stages that players can find for bonuses points and special upgrades.

Also add alien invasion: so you will encounter alien fishes.

Also add fishy farming: so you can grow underwater plants and harvest them for bonuses.

Also add mythical sea creatures like kraken and mermaids please.

Also add some plants objects like kelp forest which are tall and swaying kelp that can hide both treasures and dangers.

Also add sea grass beds: dense sea grass where small fish and coins can be hidden.

Also add Coral reefs which are colourful corals of various shapes and sizes, some of which could be interactive.

Also add some anemone gardens: anemones that can hide clownfishes but sting your player fish.

Also add giant clams: clams that occasionally open to reveal pearls and power-ups.

Also add some lily pads: surface lily pads that can create boundary between water and air.

Also add some mangroves: roots that of mangrove trees that act as a maze above the ocean floor.

Also add sunken ships: wrecks that serve as obstacles and shelters.

Also add some underwater caves: caves with narrow passages and hidden rooms.

Also add some rocks and boulders: various sizes of rocks that can serve as barriers and hiding spots.

Also add some Submarines: moving objects that can shoot torpedoes at your fish.

Also add some treasure chest: chest that require a key to open and reveal coins and upgrades.

Also add ancient statues: mysterious statues that could be a part of a quest and storyline.

Also add some bubbles: streams of bubbles that can lift the players fish and provide a speed boost.

Also add some underwater volcanoes: Volcanos that periodically erupt, changing the environment temporarily.

Also add some ship anchors: anchors that can drop down and change the layout of the level.

Also add some marine snow: organic material that
Falls from the upper layers of the ocean, adding to the ambience.

So those are some plants and objects I would like in the ocean.

Also add some interactive weather like rain, storms and fog.

Also add a sandbox mode: a creative mode where players can design their own levels and challenges.

Those were some new contents I would like in this game.

Also add some birds swooping down into the ocean to catch the player for when your near the surface.

Also add some waves at the surface

Also add seagulls to catch at the surface just like in the original fishy bits.

But avoid birds that swop down to catch your player
So you have to grow bigger to eat them so you need to be on your 3rd growth to eat them.

Also add some power-ups like speed surge: A power-up that temporarily increases your fish’s swimming speed, allowing you to escape predators and catch prey more easily.

Also add invincibility ink: Inspired by squids, this power-up makes your fish invincible for a short duration, enabling to pass through predators unnoticed.

Also add Magnetic Field: This power-up attracts nearby coins and smaller fishes towards you for easy collection, representing a Magnetic Field around your fish.

That’s all thank you
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»