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Hungry Fish World: Fishy Polly review
by Ky2873

I really like this game but it needs more.

So add some new features here are some ideas

1. Fish customisation: Allow players to customise their fish with different colours, patterns, and accessories.

2. Daily challenges: Implement daily tasks and challenges that reward players with coins.

3. Interactive Weather System: Introduce weather patterns that affect the gameplay, such as storms that can change the behaviour of fish and create new obstacles.

4. Special abilities: Give players unique abilities that can be unlocked and upgraded, such as speed boosts and invisibility.

5. VR support: offer a virtual reality mode for an immersive underwater experience.

Also add some underwater plants and other objects.

Here are some ideas.

1. Kelp forests: Tall and swaying kelp that can hide secrets and act as mazes.

2. Seagrass beds: Dense patches of seagrass where small fishes can hide.

3. Underwater caves: Mysterious and dark, perfect for hiding treasures.

4. Submarines: could be part of a level where players have to avoid detection.

5. Treasure chests: Provide rewards and bonuses when discovered and opened.

6. Bubble streams: Can provide a speed boost and lift players up.

Also add Seaweeds and rocks please.

Also add some obstacles.

Here are some.

1. Currents and whirlpools: Strong water currents that can push the player around requiring players to avoid being swept into danger, whirlpools that can trap the player temporarily.

2. Predatory birds: Birds that dive into the water to catch the player, requiring players to quickly dive deeper to avoid them.

3. Underwater mines: can explode players if they touch them.

4. Human divers: Divers that can chase and capture the player’s fish for their aquariums.

Those are all the obstacles I want in the game.

Also add some shortcuts to the game.

Here are some ideas

1. Wormholes: Mystical underwater portals that teleport the player to the different part of the ocean.

2. Predator tunnels: Risky paths that can go through predator territories but offer a faster route; requires stealth to navigate.

3 sunken pipes: Remnants of old structures that can be used as quick passages, but might have puzzles to solve first.

Also add a shortcut to escape enemies.

Name: Siphonophore Decoy.

Description: A deceptive escape route using the appearance of a siphonophore a long, dangerous creature composed of a colony of individual organisms.
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