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Life is Feudal: Your Own review
by Sr_Sandokan

Buen juego, centrado en la supervivencia y la evolución de las habilidades del personaje, aunque peca de ser tremendamente lento tardas mucho en obtener los recursos que necesitas para tener lo básico y si no dispones de una gran cantidad de tiempo e infinita paciencia se puede hacer muy pesado.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Foreword: This will be my first Game Review, as I think the Life is Feudal: Your Own is performing worse than it should and I therefore want to do my little Bit to get the Straight. Gameplay: I can easily understand The mixed Reviews, but the Game itself actually does almost everything right. You shouldn't buy it if you expect an Action Based solo Adventure. Life is Feudal is tedious, sometimes tough complex and not exactly innovative by the Controller. That all doesn't sound particularly appealing now, but the Game also has unbeatable strengths. If you have always wanted to live like in the Middle Ages with a Group of about 10 People, including different Professions such as Miner, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Hunter, cook, herbalist, Forester, cattle Breeder etc., Then right here. The Professions you have tested so far are not easy done with a few clicks. As a Miner, you first have to find a Vein with a special Technique (or with Luck) (not through eternal Mines, but you look for Ore Veins with a Skill where you can adjust your Own Radius). You won't achieve much in this Game alone, but together you can build a whole Village with Bergfried and everything. And then the Game doesn't stop for a long time. You can also attack and rob other settlements as a Warrior on foot or on horseback, start Sieges or stage Overfall. Other Settlement can only be damaged if you are at War with them. The game also contains Seasons. In Winter, of course, you can't grow anything. Professions/Skillations: The Skillsystem is built like a Tree. You have to bring the previous Skill to min.30 so you can keep going. Bsp. Skill Craft-> bow construction-> Siege equipment Construction And down the Skill craft Goes on like this: Craftsmanship-> Rooms-> Moorish Craft ... To be able to skil archery, you would need 30 Points in Craft. There is a Skillbaum for Combat Skills and Craftsmanship. Both have separate Skillcap, which depends on the server in question. (About 400-1000 mostly). As a result, you can either do a lot of Professions very fundamentally or you can skillate certain Things very far to do a certain Job better. Control: The Control is admittedly not particularly imaginative, you work with many Drop-down Menus due to the many Choices. However, much further work is being done on the Game and that is still improving. Conclusion: The Game is, from my Point of view, simply awesome, but not suitable for every Man. If you don't have Friends or don't have much Time or don't Feel like working your way into a Game purely then you're wrong here. If you Are looking for a medieval simulation with profound and complex Professions to slowly build and defend your own Settlement in joint Work, then you are right here. Additional Info: You will also need the LiF Wiki and some Tutorial Videos or, alternatively, someone from a Server to help you. The Manufacturer is currently working on Life is Feudal: MMO, it works almost identically only that the Card is 40 times the size and contains 1000 Players.
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