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Monument Valley 2 review
by accujazz

Generally It's on par with the excellent quality of the original. The levels are smaller and the puzzles are a bit simpler. But may be this is due to the fact that all the perspective mind hacks were revealed in the first game.

Later in the game there are absolutely brilliant levels with "nature and light" theme. These are so great that i believe the whole game would be better if it was based solely on nature theme as the first one was all about architecture.

Nevertheless Monument Valley is still very smart, gorgeous and unique. The ultimate mobile touch game.
«Blew my mind»

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Translated by
Microsoft from French
This title and this opinion are in reaction to all those who complain about the too short, provide in-app purchases that do not even exist yet but they already complain... So that's not "the only nice game" on the app store. I agree, but I am only quoted ten of them as worked and with such a reflection behind. You deserve to spend an observation internship with the developers, because clearly you do not realize the work behind. You know that those who designed this game are humans who have to eat? So yes, this game has a price and it is short. Any movie on DVD costs double. A cinema place costs €8 for a single viewing. So excuse me but €5.49 for this game, it's cheap paid. And if in-app purchase there is, nothing puts your hand to the wallet. Here. Sorry for this bitter and sanctimonious opinion, but it hurts me to read what I read. Especially since I do not think that, as I was able to read, us two games either after an indecent profit. They are right after the remuneration of their efforts, and that is normal. If you are looking for the race for profit, go see the "free to play" that swarm. I will not say any more.
Translated by
Microsoft from Dutch
Games come in many different forms. Occasionally there is a game with a unique idea, in which the creators also take the time to work out the idea perfectly. Monument Valley is such a game. Others have a look, because you can swipe the idea or imitate the design: it never becomes as perfect as the original. Monument Valley 2 conforms entirely to the standard that Ustwo Games itself has created. Great graphics and a soothing soundscape. Of Course The game is based on the same geometric principles (the Escher 3D effect in the flat plane), but the puzzles are not too difficult. Although some tricks and solutions are known from Part 1, they have succeeded in adding new elements. The addition of a second character is a find and makes the game more interesting. Is there anything to note? Sure though, but that's a personal opinion. I find many puzzles too easy and many of the head pieces too patchy. Instead of one big scene with ever consecutive constructions, one has chosen floating islands. Your character then runs into a gate, after which a next island is shown (... Sigh...). It makes it less captivating and you should always (briefly) wait for it to load the next stage. It was going To annoy me. If you don't have MV1 yet: buy that part first. Thanks To The added extensions, Part 1 is bigger and so you have some more fun for your money. For The Pure lover Monument Valley 2 is definitely a "must have".