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Minos Strategos review
by accujazz

Oh, what a surprise! Don't let the basic visuals turn you away. Minos Strategos is may be the best strategy game i played on mobile this year. Simple rules (2 minutes and you'll know how to play), yet very smart and deep. Reviews on steam are also very positive.

The game is played in turns. You have a small number of stones on board, the enemy vastly outnumbers you. The goal is to capture the key points with 1 move/attack and drawing 1 special ability card each turn. Because you are outnumbered the key is in mastering special ability cards which require your stones to be in special formations to play. So it is all about compromises: who to sacrifice in order to secure another key point and defence it with stones in formations.

And one more thing, you can't loose here. The game is rogue like, each game the AI is harder, if you are defeated you stay on current level of AI and try again.

It's almost like an ancient board game that somehow got lost and now has been rediscovered by civilization.
«Just one more turn»