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Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition review
by Basilio Guzmán Gómez

Finished on April 29, 2011 (PS3) & December 29, 2015 (Steam).


-Abusive & Explotable Mechinisms
-Online Modes & Netcode

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Translated by
Microsoft from French
Today it is to a big cracked that I attack, Mortal Kombat 9 surely one of the best Mortal Kombat despite my preference for the first. So we find this dark and sinister universe with its mythic characters such as sub zero, Scorpion, reptile, etc.... And this time they send heavy with a very big investment on fatalty, Mortal Kombat more Gore than ever. Alas the game has already aged, there is no one on the multiplayer but it does not prevent to spend good moments with friends. Malgres all I think that this opus will not be forgotten about ever saw the fiasco of Mortal Kombat X which is surely the good moin of the whole saga.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game starts directly after Mortal Kombat Armageddon. If you don't know the old Parts yet, you get an End look into the previous Story, only that this time The Timeline takes a different Course. A great Way for a Reboot. I think the Story is very well implemented. Each Character has its Part in this and you get to know each one individually. Some Fights are rather frustrating. Shao Kahn can't exactly be countered with fluid Moves and Combos. Simple Jump Attacks look ridiculous, but have more Effect. A little more fight feeling at such Fights wouldn't have been bad. But Even with the first Parts of the Series one Could often counteract with such "Tricks." Is my only Criticism. The Game works with newer Hardware even with Windows 10 without Any problems. Graphically not comparable to Mortal Kombat X, but still nice to look at.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
A great Portage if it is. The PC version of the latest Mortal Kombat contains all the DLC already present on consoles, classic skins and classic finishes. Add to that a plethora of content to unlock in the crypt, a very well done story mode and a tower full of diverse and varied challenges and all fears when the contents of the game fade. Graphically, the characters are cared for both in terms of modelations and textures. The environments are rich, varied and full of life. The animations enjoy the excellent optimization of the game that makes the fights smooth and fast. Gamplay is classic and always as efficient, extremely nervous and reveals all its potential thanks to the gamepad, obviously the keyboard game is more than discouraged. The soundtrack is correct and sticks to the universe of MK. Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition on PC thus offers an experience and sensations of play that will remind memories of the oldest of us. A Gore and violent experience, exceptional dynamism and well-supplied content. What more could you ask for? #SinPhawks
mortal kombat ... you do not need to say anything xd
If you like fighting games then you shouldn't skip this one.