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Sonic Lost World review
by Basilio Guzmán Gómez

Finished on December 28, 2015 (Steam).


-Map Design

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Translated by
Microsoft from French
With every new Sonic, it's the hope of a good game, often short-lived, then disappointment, but good, in an extremely underexploited genre on PC (3D platformers) one does not always have the opportunity to make the fine mouth. Let's settle something right away: Yes the game pumps cheerfully on Mario Galaxy for its gameplay, but considering that the game before are PC port is an exclusive Wii U/3DS, I think Nintendo is OK with that. The gameplay is therefore regularly on spherical areas, offering several ways to complete a level (and several possibilities to hide collectibles by the way), but not only, there are also more classical areas in which it is to exploit the speed of our hero, and even some passages in 2D. Graphically, it does not break bricks, Wii U forces, the set is well on very pastel, according to the series, but perhaps even more given the character design of the villains for this opus. Villains who, let's say, have no allure. The scenario and the char-design seem to have been made for 5-year-olds, with more idiotic personalities than the others, and flashy colors, coupled with a scenario that would not fill a post-it, there is something to be disappointed on the proposed universe . Regarding the gameplay and level-design, well that's all and anything. The game tries to import gameplay options from all its predecessors at once, we find ourselves with strange colors and powers that allow to cross areas, all without introduction and with sometimes questionable maneuverability, since this is no fewer than 9 different transformations that are available, with maybe 4 cool and 5 to throw, not to mention the special levels that have a unique gameplay (a level will turn you into a ball to propel you into the gameplay of Super Monkey Ball). Likewise, the level design offers some really nice levels, but can suddenly sink into the mediocre at high speed. In terms of novelties, we could talk about the achievements system from free-to-play mobile (objectives to be fulfilled, with only 3 objectives available in parallel, and the rest of the objectives that unlocks as you complete the First... balance sheet you will have 100% the game you will not have seen more than 20% of the achievements with no desire to continue). We could also talk about the "parkour" movement system in the 3D passages, allowing you to run on the walls in pre-calculated movements. The implementation is relatively frustrating and the moves are quite difficult to place in the few really difficult situations that the game offers. Fortunately all these situations are usually alternative paths to go and retrieve an optional collectible and will not block anyone on the standard path. Lots of POO so in this Sonic, and yet, in the end, a lot of pleasant passages, and even sometimes real good levels that make envy. The ratio is not Whew, is it really worth to send POO to enjoy good occasional moments? To everyone to see, but the poop not having a big curve of difficulty, and the genre being rather little represented, I want to say why not. We would almost sometimes dream that they used all the time of dev needed to develop a dozen of boring gameplays and that they invest it to give more content to the good passages, and it could have been a good Sonic (beyond the scenario , which is perfectly unsalvable:()