Rineux's review of the game The Long Dark
Apr 13, 2018
Playing since Early Access, The Long Dark has become one of my favorite video game experiences of all time.
Now, I have to admit that I tend to like games and films that feature great atmospherics and a sense for the beauty of nature. The Long Dark is kind of the antithesis to the power fantasy: You're just a small, black speck in a sea of blinding white or impenetrable darkness, and your chances of survival are slim. If you manage to endure, though, this game is able to offer one of the most immersive, punishing and at the same time tranquil experiences you'll ever have playing a game.

The calm, when you wander through a snow-covered forest, every step softly crunching beneath your feet.
The panic, when the weather suddenly turns, night falls and you realize you've been walking in circles.
The relief, when you finally happen to glimpse, just barely, the contours of a hut through the blizzard, and you manage to just. Get. In.

There's nothing like it.