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Mass Effect 2 review
by RobbieRLH

Mass Effect 2 marks the point where the series moved from an RPG to an action oriented third person shooter. This polarised the community; some feel the entry is Mass Effect at it's best, whilst others see it as the point at which the series started to slip. First impressions are good - the combat feels more fluid and shooting is improved, although the overheating system has been retconned and replaced with ammunition which removes some of the strategy from the gunplay. Fans of third person shooters will definitely enjoy these changes. However, the price ME2 pays is the removal of a lot of the RPG elements from the first game. The skill points system has been dumbed down, giving you a lot less build variety than the previous entry. Instead of trying to fix the loot system from ME1, it's been stripped out entirely, leading to barely any gear and weapon customization options. Other things have been removed, like planetary exploration in the Mako (not the end of the world), and the Citadel is a lot less explorable (although much of ME1's citadel was empty space).
But whilst I'm not making excuses for shortcomings in gameplay, the real reason people play Bioware games is for the writing and characters. ME2 builds on the insane world of ME1 with new characters, alien races and a new story. Unfortunately, the story is a BIT of a dud - the Collectors aren't massively interesting, and the main quest is underwhelming when compared to the epic scale of the threat in ME1. The race to the end of the game feels like a tonne of side missions, and whilst the final suicide mission is great (taking into consideration your preparedness, relationships with other characters, and weapons upgrades to give you a unique outcome), it falls a bit short of the hype that was built up throughout the game. That being said, the new characters are absolutely fantastic. Basically all of them have great back stories and interesting dialogue, with the salarian Mordin standing out as one of the best characters in the ME universe. The touted loyalty missions are all brilliant and invest you in your teammates motivations. Some of the fan favourites from the first game also return (I love you Tali) and transferring your character from ME1 will give you unique interactions with them, as well as side missions and a better feeling of involvement in the overarching narrative.
I had a shit tonne of fun with ME2, WAY WAY than I thought I would. I personally feel that much of the hate thrown towards ME2 is undeserved and better saved for ME3 and Andromeda. I'm really not sure whether I enjoy ME1 or ME2 more - ME1 has an untouchable atmosphere, with an air of mystery to the story and universe which I don't think has been matched in a game before or since. But ME2 has insane character writing, lore, and much more palatable moment to moment gameplay. Regardless, they both land in my top 10's of all time and are MUST plays.
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As with the first Part of this legendary Story, I can only repeat myself: HOLEN! The whole Game is very well thought out, the Story wonderfully written (again, I thank God for Drew Karpyshyn), Companions all created wonderfully, so sometimes you really think it's real People because they're just so complex built up. Even if it's a little Reaccuding from the Controls, you quickly got used to it. Catch my fifth at the moment (?) Run on because it just has a damn hohne replay Value and you always find new Eastereggs or Sidequests and still make them still Damn after the umpteenth Time.
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All the Feel like Mass Effect 1 with Better combat System and graphics. In Contrast to the first Part, not all Planets can be walked anymore, but many are only removed to Minerals, but this means that you no longer get completely lost in the Side Missions ^ ^ With memory from Part 1 of course a more beautiful Experience again, since many Decisions from Part 1 have serious Consequences in Part 2. Pro:-Gameplay-Traveling Story-Good Graphics-diverse planets-Places from Part 1 reappear-Combat System is much better-atmosphere-lots of Side missions, etc.-individual Characters you can deal with a lot-good Dialogue System Con:- Intermediate Frequencies sometimes spin briefly (not too disturbingly)-in the Subtitle there is sometimes the same Sense of the Said, but in other words (briefly confusing) conclusion: A very successful Sequel and a mega action Role-playing Game. Those who liked Mass Effect 1 will have Fun here, but I wouldn't start the Trilogy with this Part because otherwise you might not quite see the Story.
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Mass Effect 2 is one of the best Games ever the whole series except andromeda is just great! In my opinion according to the best aspect of the game series is the incredibly good Story that really captivates you but also the gameplay is great and the decisions you have to make have extreme effect on the Game. I've played through the part 5 times and I'm still discovering new things:D And since the three parts form a whole big story it is more important than starting in any other game with part 1 and transferring its character to the next part because the decisions you have made in part one have massive impact on part two and three. Overall a super game I can recommend to everyone especially if you are into Stories ^^ Just to Info on Origin is the Rest of my playing time That here on Steam is not everything xD pros: Extremely good and successful story decision You make in the game The very much Tightness connection to other npcs that let you unfold almost real feelings ^^ fun fights and overall Geiles gameplay The character looks cool both with and without Armor The game often surprises with things that One was not expected ... I could write another half a Book, but I'd rather leave that! cons: Not open world By the age of the Game not the best Graphics but perfect in order
Finished on May 1, 2010 (Xbox 360) & February 21, 2016 (Origin).

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