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Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition review
by Blake Woog

Despite opening with some crazy big dick energy, this ended up being pretty fun. I'll probably play it through again. Really fun combo mechanics and fun gunplay. I was genuinely surprised by the moment when Gray asked Trishka to forgive Ishi, I didn't expect to be surprised by toxic masculinity: the game.

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This is the most testosterone filled game I have ever played.

If you play this game, you have a big pp.
«Sit back and relax»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Bulletstorm was already really awesome in 2011 and still is today! A Shooter where you have to kill as creatively as possible to achieve so-called Skillshots is not found every Day. All the more great that the former Games for Windows LIVE game without Trophies is now coming out in a revised Remaster MIT Trophies, is still an Eye-catcher in terms of design, but overall still looks like a spiced up Unreal Engine 3 from that time. What's Interesting to know, though, is that Developer "People Can Fly" is behind it-the famous Polish Developer behind the Serious Sam Clone "Painkiller." Since 2007, however, they have been bought out by Epic Games and have released them before splitting from them again in 2015. The Fact That the Remaster Anno 2017 comes out as a "Full Clip Edition" without any DLCs (which, as far as I don't know at that time), for €40 at a near full price, is still quite a Cheekiness in my Opinion. So what can you ask for Remakes like the Crash Bandicoot InSane triology or the intricately reworked Shadow of the Colossus-but not for a Game that has only sharper Textures but otherwise offers nothing new. But I bought the Brand new Duke DLC For the basic game, which is well reduced at some point in the Sale, so that instead of Grayson Hunt I simply play Duke Nukem, which from Now on proves everything with its typical Sayings as suitable as possible-even if All the other Characters around me still the same Original Lyrics palavern, the Duke adapts quite amusingly to this Fact. And to the testosterone-curled Adventure, this cute Giving really fits the Fist on the Eye:D In Bulletstorm, a fictional World in the Future is about a typical Story about Mercenaries/Friends and Betrayals by the former Client Sarrano. History, however, primarily takes a Back seat and makes Way for the many Firefights that await you. These not only take place in partly still-chic Surroundings, but are also designed so that you can use the Environments to Stretch down your Opponents-they can do so with a juicy Kick into the Eggs in Electro-traps, Spiked Walls, the Abysses Down, Fans or even flesh-eating Plants. You can even capture some of them with your Plasma whip and draw to you-and trigger a Mini-slow Lupe either by or by the Aforementioned Kick, thereby performing even more targeted kills or simply pulling them out of their Cover and directly the Light of life Blow out. On top, you have a manageable But Fine Arsenal of Weapons at your Disposal: Well-known representatives such as Machine gun and Shotgun Shake hands as well as drill rifle and Bomb Chain gun-but overall we have more known than crazy Weapons. But Then it is important for you HOW you destroy the Enemies. With the Sniper Rifle, we control Wanted (Film) moderately always every single Ball precisely into the Brain or the Eggs of the Opponents-even if they are just dodging fresh, we move the Ball during their Careers. Or use some of our Special Charges and thus amplify the shotgun or Machine Gun Shot many Times Over and thus not only do more Damage, but also perform special kill shot tasks. There are Points for This, which we in turn put into Ammunition or Improvements to our Weapons as a Means of Payment. Overall, however, there would have been more in it here, because you can only pump up your Weapons right away-that you can wear more Muni for them or they just get their Additional Function. A Perk System with Rewards like in Wolfenstein? Bad Ad. Especially since the Levels are quite linear and clever, but beautifully designed. Doof just that it feels like a Gears of War Coverage shooter: You keep knowing that when Billing Chunks show up, it gets right down to Business. Or that it is annoying that you can't jump-and therefore often struggle with invisible Walls or bounce over the red level thread over again And again-rigidly at the touch of a button. So The World as a whole feels totally artificial and pre-scripted. There would have been more in there, too. For an entertaining partially outlandish B-movie action fireworks trip, which takes around 7h to Complete, Bulletstorm is always recommended:)