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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 review
by Basilio Guzmán Gómez

Finished on 06/07/2019 (PS2)

+Art style.
+Cutscene quality.
+Level design.
+Social link level up can be done in groups depending on the scenario and the week before exams.
+Social skills were expanded to a total of 5, compared to 3 from Persona 3.
+Story (but too many fillers).
+Voice in all the main conversations, aside from good voice acting quality (Except Chie Satonaka).

-Blur when moving in some areas.
-Characters (Except Naoto Shirogane).
-Combat Mechanism.
-Personas need way more EXP to level up than the Main character.
-Quests quality.
-The amount of filler conversations is excessively high, to the point of deviating a lot from the main story.

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Some things don't age well, and Persona 4 is absolutely one of those things. Going back, it's disheartening to see a story that once held so much formative value revealed, on second look, to be a much more pedestrian and dreary affair than it once was (hey, kind of like the theme of the game itself). Gameplay-wise it's still a fun time, though.

And uh Kanji best boy, or whatever