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Judgment (2019) review
by Hvala

My GOTY so far.

I don't try to hide the fact that I've loved every single Yakuza game I've played so far and my love for this spin off from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio is no exception. This game is fun as HELL, looks better than I expected, they captured the atmosphere of Kamurocho perfectly. The story is very well written and plenty of times had me stunned. The detective work you do in this game is also very interesting.

Voice acting, unsurprisingly is excellent and I'd expect no less. Both fighting styles are fun to use and I love the using of your phone to level up your stats, invest in Quickstarter projects, control your drone etc. Boss fights are fun and rarely does the game ever feel unfair. The long fights are some of my favorite parts of the Yakuza series and some of the ones in Judgment really step up imo. They do re-use some sound bits for example the Taxis sound the same and some of the general city noise is unchanged but overall the ambient sounds and music are very pleasing to listen to.

It still has plenty of wacky side quests like buying panties to catch a drone piloting pervert or going to catch a ghost in an apartment and they really are worth your time. The Keihen gang makes going to and from missions even more ass whooping fun. Things such as the batting cage, mahjong, arcades, etc... are also tons of fun! (Damn you for taking out Karaoke RGG).

All in all, this game is fantastic and definitely worth your time. 9/10