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Namco x Capcom review
by Basilio Guzmán Gómez

Namco X Capcom PS2 Review (Finished on October 13th, 2019)
+Each set of characters can have up to four equipment and almost six items.
+HP or MP can be restored after using every combination of attack.
-Art style/Graphics.
-Chapters are unnecessarily long.
-Counter attacks not effective.
-Gameplay mechanism = Unable to move each character at will, but on the sequential order established, unnecessary presentation at the start of battle, each turn must be ended manually, there’s no “end all” function.
-No side quests.
-No skirmish or another mode to level up units outside of the main missions.
-Story narrative does not seem to make sense and contain many fillers.
-Turns does not have a logical order.
-Very slow pace.