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DmC: Devil May Cry review
by Flo

Ganz nett mit fadem Beigeschmack. 
«Game over at last!»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Great hack 'n slash game with great Addiction Factor that really grabbed me from Start to Finish. Pro: + Gameplay: With Controller, the Control goes very well by hand, at higher Levels of difficulty bock-heavy, on simple Also button smashing is enough. Nevertheless, demanding Opponents, grade in the Course of the Game. Fair placed Checkpoints, and when you die, there are ultimately only Deductions to the High Score 99/10 + graphics: Varied and really stunning Level design, great, coherent atmosphere, very nice graphics 8/10 + Story: Cool told Story, but doesn't want to spoile. Who doesn't care and who just wants to network: Something with Demons, the cutscenes can be skipped:) 8/10 + Soundtrack: Just the Hammer 10/10 Contra:-Quite short overall. After 10-12 Hours you are in the first Pass on the middle Level. (Habs also played offline, the game time indication doesn't fit with me!) In order to collect the whole achievable climate bimm, you might have another 3-4 Hours. After that, there are also various Ways to play through it in more difficult to impossible modes, but there are People who don't irritate that. Bab bought it to me in summer sale for n Tens, and felt more than well entertained for the Price. For the Full Price, I would have fretted a little more about the short Duration.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Heaven or Hell?! Now there he is, the fifth Part of the Row and we are allowed to let the Sow out properly with the young Dante. Piece by bit you will have to upgrade and upgrade your range of weapons, try your hand at countless combo Opportunities, get through sometimes really oblique Levels and, depending on the Level of difficulty chosen, truly go through Heaven or Hell ... PROs: + Word Literally real oblique art design + Twisted look + brachial Sound Accompaniment From death metal to disco mukke + 8 Weapons with lots of upgrade options + part really powerful Weapon sounds + fats demanding boss fights (sometimes very oblique bosses:D) + Big Opposing Variety with a wide Variety Of Attack patterns + Many Weapon Combos that are not only jewelry Mugwork + 3 Basic Difficulty levels and then 4 again to Unlock ... + Good English voiceover + Faire Autosay points + Useful tutorial displays + Steers with Controllers as well as M & T very well + Game Time 10-15h (one Run) + high Replay value thanks to unlockable modified difficulty levels CONTRAs:-German Syncro by Dante is an Imposition and an absolute Vocal Killer-On some Story Elements like the Limbus are not received enough-Last Third seems stretched-fairly linear-Partly low-resolution textures-Story is for me personally quite unspannt/boringly staged FAZIT: This quasi DMC reboot is both for Subs as well as experienced fans of the Series suitable. Despite the Fact that I can't even blame many weighty negative points on the title, the Way the Game tells itself is too sluggish for me. Yes the Art-Desgn is great and the Fights are really greasy but it was really tedious for me to keep through until the End. Especially because the last Third seems artificially stretched, which could surely have been solved even better. However, that's just my personal Feeling. The Fighting System makes You feel like, the Levels as well as the tricky Bosses are wonderfully turned off and you can have a few Hours of Fun, in this crazy World. For me, this Title is a perfect Example that a Game can be visually beautiful to look at, works technically flawlessly, has virtually no more Bugs ... And in spite of everything not soooo really thrilled, because the Story just can't get me carried away:/ Buy recommendation for € 15-20 Cheers, Fletcher
Such a great game! The gameplay is smooth with responsive controls, level design pushes you to explore and wait for every new level, Dante himself is awesome and badass. I appreciate how they turned a simple dark theme into something special. Another thanks for the sound design and music - they fit the game perfectly and create the right atmosphere. Combat mechanics are stylish and together with such musical support they look even better. Highly recommended game, no doubt.  
Everything besides the plot is great but the story is a core of any game… And here it’s weak and boring. Dante is so annoying that I don’t understand how people can even like him. As a protagonist he sucks. If there’s a character I hate more, it’s Bayonetta.  
«Disappointment of the year»
I understand the DMC series is all about hacking and slashing with a touch of running and jumping but I get tired of them very soon. I lasted perhaps 4 hours on this game (though I managed to complete some previous DMC games). The enemies are very repetitive, the level design is also un-imaginative at most. As far as I understand this is a hallmark of the series to reuse some objects/places or even entire locations over and over throughout the game with small alterations. But to me it feels as if I start watching some blockbuster with cool SFX and then I notice that pretty much all of the action happens in the same stage set with the same background. I guess for DMC fans this game might be the best one of the series, but I doubt that you'll love it a lot if you are not in this community.
«Waste of time»