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Detroit: Become Human review
by x_manicure_x

Detroit: Become Human is the most balanced Quantic Dream game so far. It does not have major plot holes like Heavy Rain, and, unlike Beyond: Two Souls, the plot and characters are fairly interesting. However, this whole artificial intelligence theme is getting a bit too old, and David Cage is not bringing anything new to the genre. We have the usual trite sci-fi themes and reflections, and you can already expect the way things are going to evolve. I enjoyed Connor's "cases" and storyline the most, while the other two characters' paths and roles felt a bit too forced at times. I liked that the way characters feel about you changes depending on your actions, and that the game explicitly lets you know the way your relationships are evolving. The flowchart at the end of each chapter was interesting too, as it shows you the number of variations the same chapter could have. However, it might influence the way you play as you will be walking around looking for any possible element that could open up different paths instead of reacting to the events as they naturally happen around you. (6.7/10)

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I am a big fan of interactive fiction / adventure games and "Detroit: Become Human" has been my best experience so far. The game is perfectly crafted. The story is extremely interesting and engaging; the gameplay and choices have a huge impact; the graphics and acting are excellent. Everything works in David Cage's masterpiece.
After a first playthrough where I missed a lot of stuff and I managed to get horrible endings for all three characters, I inmediately started a new game and I achieved beautiful endings, witnessing branches that I never suspected. What a rewarding amazing experience. I highly recommend this game.
«Blew my mind»
«That ending!»
In 2010, Heavy Rain blew me away. I'd never had such a cinematic experience when playing a video game. I played the PS4 remaster in 2017 and dear lord it did not hold up. The bar for motion capture and vocal performance has been raised so high since then by the likes of The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption, etc, that the half-assed performances of Heavy Rain have become retroactively terrible. Detroit: Become Human shows that Quantic Dream have come a long, long way since then.
this game is an art piece and a truly emotional experience. I felt for every character and had to weight every decision to make sure that they would end up being fine.
«That ending!»
Just great
«Can’t stop playing»
«That ending!»
A very immersive experience with quite heavy themes. 4/5, would definitely replay.
I can't stop Playing this game
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Detroit is a game I have wanted to play since it's release. I absolutely love Quantic Dream and their previous outputs, especially 2010s Heavy Rain. When it was announced it was becoming free with ps+ I was very excited to finally get to play this. All of my expectations were matched and exceeded by a long stretch.

First of all the game looks gorgeous. The detail in the character models, facial expressions and environments are above and beyond almost all games I've seen this gen. People will argue they're only this good because of the lack of real action, which whilst probably true, you have to appreciate the work done on their engine to build this. 

The gameplay is classic QD, very limited amounts of gameplay with an emphasis on exploration, decision making and QTEs. Some of the scenes with action where you have to perform QTEs can be insanely intense as you know at any minute any character can die for good. Detroit absolutely nails the decision trees and the knock on effects of your actions. Even early on some of the things you do can affect extremely late game outcomes. This makes the game feel very in depth and also adds a great replay value. The narrative itself is amazing and the world built around androids and discrimination is detailed and very thoughtful.

Overall, this is easily in my top 3 PS exclusives and one of my favourite games this generation. The story is powerful, the game looks great and the amount of different paths offers something that many games fail to deliver. 100% worth playing at least once.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
This game's story got me at the first moment. I think it's kind of modern for some topics and it's a very good thing. The cast is very well made and all the possibilities take the game to a next level of quality. The way you enter the minds of the characters make this game one of my favorites.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»

+ Incredible range of story based on player choices (flowsheet sells this)
+ Each character/story has its own feel; no weak link; incredible performances
+ Oftentimes approaches photorealism

- Needs more gameplay, QTE isn't enough
- Some awkward animations pop up occasionally
- Trite overall story, feels done before
- Didn't feel compelled to jump back in
My number 2 in best PS4 games played in 2018 behind GOW. Great acting and graphics with a thrilling storyline you won't want to put down. All of the decisions you make are subtle but have a major impact on gameplay and storyline. Quite replayable too with multiple endings!
«Can’t stop playing»
It's a tired story that doesn't really do anything groundbreaking, but I thought some of the characters were great. Easily the best decision based game I've played, I felt so much responsibility for those involved in the story. Glad that my decisions mattered in the short and long term, plus I never completely knew what the repercussions would be. Can't wait to get back into it, try and get the platinum.