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HITMAN review
by x_manicure_x

I have played only a few of the Hitman games through the years, but this is definitely their best attempt. It's a collection of huge and highly detailed sandboxes where your only aim is to find new and creative ways to kill the same targets multiple times. How can somebody not like it?

In previous games, the mechanics used to become highly frustrating, but this time everything has been smoothened out to make gameplay simpler but far more effective. The biggest improvement was the addition of "opportunities", which are basically ways to approach the targets you can choose from. While these made it easier to find crazy ways to terminate the targets, they can easily turn the whole experience into mechanically following preset objectives with little input from the player.

If you liked Hitman: Absolution for the story this game will be a letdown though. There is a plot told by a bunch of FMV's in between each level, but it will have zero impact on your gaming experience. None of us is probably playing Hitman for the story anyway. (7.5/10)
«Can’t stop playing»
«Beaten more than once»

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I am relatively sure that the goty update entails a lot that justifies the price of €20 and I don't want new content for lau ... I am also curious to see how the series will continue, now that ioi has the bails in my hands again, so I would actually spend the €20 ... But! The many comments I have already read confirm it ... Whoever the employee in charge may be is obviously not a gamer himself, otherwise her would have come to her the idea that corefans to pull over the table, perhaps not grad is the smartest to get an ailing game shmith back on the brisk. Would you rather call it a mechanics-or-tech teaser for squadron two or whatever ... With joy I would have thrown the money behind you. But if I bought the FULL EXPERIENCE AS a fan of the FIRST hour, I don't want a charming dlc open to just get the new players so now ... And also to be compelled to BUY the outfit pack to MUST if I wanted to play the new missions ... This is simply a cheeky, money-making and a punch in the face of thousands of fans! But what bothers me most about this is that criticism of it will not change, because it is still bought enough. And if not, the series is discontinued and new rip-off concepts are sold. Too bad ...
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I'm adding my Mustard here now! When I heard a new HITMAN coming out, I was of course really happy as I am a big Fan of the Series. Of course, I immediately pre-ordered it! Then came the Info that it comes out as "Episodes Game ala Walking Dead" and then stonked it again. But then I wanted to know what it's like to dive into the World of 47 again, so I got the "Intro Pack" And started playing! At the beginning I was of course a bit skeptical as I would start playing and put it "right back over were" thanks to episode format! I then just got going and quickly pulled through the Prologue and mission in Paris. Then, of course, there was again, because the next Mission was not to come until the end of April! But after a few hours Of Fun I thought that this could not have been all from the Beginning so again and lo and behold-I didn't really perceive the "Challenges." Then nail Everything again at the Beginning and again the first 2 Missions done. After I mastered everything in the Prologue, a good 2-3 Hours had passed now only Paris was missing and there are still a few Challenges missing so far because it all took so much time that the new Mission was already there:D! To the game/missions themselves: All The missions are so far really nicely constructed and you can see that the Developers love to have to Detail. Paris and Sapenzia are really huge and detailed so I still haven't covered everything. The Challenges are so versatile and time-consuming that you like to get lost for a few Hours in the World of 47! Otherwise, the Game plays pretty fleeting with me and has only experienced 2 Crashes so far! But They can be tolerated by "Autosave"! FAZIT: I give a clear Buy recommendation here even if many are skeptical about such Games with Episode format! (I was at the beginning too) But I have to admit that I like the "Episodes HITMAN" because you take more time for everything and also exhaust all paths and possibilities. If the Game came with all The episodes, I just think quickly through and then I would have "dusted" it again but by the Format I have already spent over 20std in the first 2 Missions and are still not 100% finished! Thanks for reading and I hope I was able to convince a few for the new HITMAN!