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Until Dawn review
by x_manicure_x

I had low expectations for this game after looking at the reviews and ratings online, but I shall say that this is actually quite a good example of interactive drama. You shouldn't be too serious while playing this: after all Until Dawn is nothing but a big tribute to the cheap slasher horror movies. All the clichés of the genre are here, and I played it the same way I would watch a horror movie on Friday night, just for the sake of having fun. Don't expect deep narrative or psychological horror kind of elements, everything is over the top and straightforward enough to keep the attention going.

Like in other similar story-driven titles, the gameplay is simple and minimal, but knowing that each mistake might permanently kill one of the characters will keep the tension high even for the simplest actions. Characters are again a bunch of slasher movie archetypes but are so easy to love or hate to the point you will feel frustrated every time you end up "killing" each one of them.

The only problem was the shift of genre during the second half with the wendigos. It just made the whole thing kind of uninteresting compared to the first few chapters. I didn't mind the game being not as dependent on the player's choice as advertised, but as I was expecting to play a slasher I was kind of disappointed to have to deal with monsters and supernatural BS for half of the game.

I just wished that Josh was so mentally ill to actually try to torture and kill the characters instead of just pretending it. It might be a bit dull when alone but it was great to play with friends. A good alternative to movie night. (71/0)
«Better with friends»

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