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MediEvil (2019) review
by x_manicure_x

I enjoyed playing MediEvil again after twenty years. It reminded me why I loved it when I was little: the quirky characters, beautiful Burtonesque art direction and an impressive variety of locations and enemies.

This remake is visually gorgeous and preserves the atmosphere of the original, but the gameplay and level design is carbon-copy. I understand that there was probably not much budget, but we have the exact same game and mechanics with some minor tweaks and better graphics. The combat system and camera are both as rough and clunky as they were in the nineties, as if the developers had zero ambition at improving the experience.
I like old-fashioned games so it was not a big problem for me, but there is no way this formula can attract new fans in 2019. (6.5/10)
«I could make it better»