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Bravely Second: End Layer review
by x_manicure_x

This is just a massive Bravely Default DLC. I am not surprised that used copies have been on sale for ridiculous prices. Gameplay, graphics, characters, locations, enemies, EVERYTHING has been recycled from the first game. They just threw in a couple of new characters and new bosses, but the rest was taken from Bravely Default as it is. On top of that, you are tortured by cringe-worthy writing, uninteresting story and, just like in the first game, the same dialogues and events being repeated all over again. This is something they should have learned from Bravely Default, but it looks like they just want to torture us. Not only you are forced to battle most bosses multiple times, they even want you to replay half of the main story and all side missions as well!! I am surprised I could play this till the end (over 40 hours).

Bravely Default was surely far from perfect, but at least you could feel its heart, that it was created by RPG lovers for other RPG lovers. They created a beautiful world, backed it up with decent writing and tried to make the obsolete turn-based battle system less frustrating for new generations. With Bravely Second, it's clear that no effort was made and that it has been nothing more than an easy way to milk the cow as fast as possible after the relative success of the first game. (4.0/10)
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»
«Ugly as my life»
«I could make it better»
«Oh God i managed it»
«Game over at last!»