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Wolfenstein: Youngblood review
by ce_hun

No map, no instruction, unfair enemies even on normal.

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A game that is Wolfenstein in name and in world design, but nothing else. A surface deep-RPG system mars the entire experience.
The idea of co-op Wolfenstein was good, but the implementation could not have been worse. They added a leveling and skill system (literally just increasing your damage by 2% per level) onto The New Order's gameplay, then stripped out everything that made The New Order fun. You replay the same levels over and over, fighting the same enemies in the same placement every time. You fight bullet sponge bosses and enemies that have to be attacked by a specific weapon type (of which only three of your default 8 deal) to deal a significant amount of damage. Difficulty is all over the place, with the game being borderline impossible at stages due to lack of ammo, then being a cakewalk at others due to the revive and "pep" systems.
The only redeemable aspect of this game is the world building. It's got the stellar writing Wolfenstein has always had with loads of alternate history articles, music, tapes, and goodies to dig into. I was going to include the story in this, but the two protagonists, despite being actually well written for a pair of dumb-as-bricks teenagers, ultimately aren't very likable. The story sets up for some potentially very interesting content with multiple realities, apocalyptic doomsday weather machines, and God Keys, but ends before any of these are explored with any depth at all.