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The Red Strings Club review
by Adriana Izquierdo

Qué gozada encontrarse un juego que te haga cuestionarte tu propia ética, que saque a relucir tu hipocresía y te transforme con su historia. Se va a quedar conmigo mucho tiempo. The Red Strings Club propone una experiencia personal e íntima por cómo conecta con tus emociones. ¿Quién no tiene algún sentimiento doloroso que estaría tentado a suprimir con algún tipo de parche? ¿Qué consecuencias tendría algo así en tu vida, tu libertad y en la sociedad?
Y esto es sólo una parte de lo que propone el juego y de cómo te reta con su narrativa, con la forma en la que avanzas, con las elecciones que te obliga a hacer y cómo consigue que las cuestiones. Y hasta el mismísimo final -la última decisión me tuvo un buen rato paralizada. Y luego está toda la parte artística (una gozada), musical (otra gozada) y la diversidad de personajes con los que desarrolla la historia. En fin, que The Red Strings Club me ha parecido una joya, una obra de ciencia ficción reflexiva brillante. Muy recomendado

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No amount of cyperpunk and lovely pixel-art graphics will outbalance the boring mechanics of mixing cocktails and sculpting vases.
Starts off strong, gets tedious as it goes along (especially by the final act), and feels really incomplete. 
«Oh God i managed it»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
What The Red Strings Club is: A narrative Point-and-click chamber game with Unique minigames, in which you make twisted Stuff with cocktails to get to the Light of the Dark Secrets of a Big Corporation's future. What it's all About: Vision of The future, Hackers, Artificial Intelligence, Capitalism, Neuropsychology, Game Theory ... Typical Cyberpunk. A capitalist Vision for the Future with Hackers hurling against Large Corporations and Loners trying to live off information gathering. What it's all About: The Red Strings Club is a Game that highlights people and human Emotion, in a World where negative Emotions can simply be eliminated with an Implant and where only cold Success can be achieved. It's about Considering why emphatic Skills are always undervalued. The Story has its downright ridiculously unsubtle Moments, but for that it doesn't confuse, leaving room for subtle Storytelling in other Places. I can't imagine how difficult it is to find the Balance between Subtlety and Clarity-The Red Strings Club did it. Conclusion: Anyone who has ever wanted to take a Test to find out how well you can listen and perceive subtle Things should play this Game instead. It's worth it.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Remeber the feeling you get, when the teacher asks you something in class and you only vaguely know the answer? It is hit and miss? If you are correct, you feel a shy sense of success, if you fail to answer correctly, it is frustrating? Well, this is what you get in this game in my oponion. Red Strings Club really has a unique approach to story-telling. You, a bartender, set the mood for those seeking shelter in your bar by crafting drinks tailored to the a certain character trait. Depending on the character trait that you "activate", you will get a different answer for your question. Sometimes the answer you would have hoped for and sometimes not, if you did not set the correct mood. While the idea is great and not too similar to what "VA11 HALL A" does, it is also slightly frustrating at times. The game somewhat lives from being vague in its options, at times however too vague. You sometimes have very little to work with and you have to draw conclusions on what is availible to you. At times it felt the game's progression did not follow the "good path" because my chances of doing the correct thing where comparable to rolling a dice. The story itself was fascinating and delivered a lot more think about and ponder than anything else in this genre imho. However, the gameplay itself and the way you interact in the game where it bit of a letdown, I did not enjoy "playing" the game, I would rather just have listened to what it had to say. On the other hand, it was just about clear enough to not be confusing, this is something that a lot of games do not get right with a similar approach to storytelling. It is definitly a game that you can play multiple times, which makes up for the short game time. I just completed the game in just about 2 hours (while being stuck at one point due to what I would consider an UI issue for about 20 minutes). If you value a philosophical story, well written dialogues and are able to look over flaws in gameplay, I would recommend this game. If you actually want a "game", then better leave this out and watch a walkthrough.
The feelings this makes you go through are an incredible experience; questioning your own reasoning has never been this great.

The soundtrack is so unbelievably good that it deserves its own recognition: 
«Sit back and relax»