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Mirror's Edge review
by Laura

I really hate giving this a negative review because I know this game really stood out to a lot of people (especially when it first came out), but I ultimately found the game more frustrating than fun.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst wasn't perfect (the boss battles made me want to die) but at least it had a pretty solid story and really good characterization to keep my attention. That is not the case here.

In Catalyst Faith felt like a real person. Not always likable, but genuine: you actually see her go through a lot growing up and why she'd become more emotionally distant, but still does her best to help others. You also feel the connection between her and other characters. 

In this game, however, Faith is mostly just a blank slate and a lot of moments that are meant to be emotional don't get a rise out of you. Why should I care about saving Kate when I barely know anything about her or what her relationship with Faith is like? 

This is important because even if your game is hard as hell, having a good story makes me want to keep playing. So even when Catalyst got glitchy or when I wasn't being precise enough, I was still willing to power through because I wanted to see what happened. With the OG Mirror's Edge, I just have the gameplay.  

I wish I could say the combat is better because you can actually use weapons, but it really isn't. You can take multiple bullets at a time, but two punches and you're dead. You have the option to disarm opponents but the window of opportunity is like a microsecond long so if you miss it the first time you're dead (again). Going through enemies is just a chore. 

The parkour should be fun, but it REQUIRES you to be quick and precise in order to get real enjoyment out of it. Otherwise the game is a nightmare to get through. I want to be able to jump around and have fun but I end up falling to my death more often than not and it robs the fun out of it, at least for me. 

In the end, I didn't even bother finishing even when I got so close because I just wanted to get it over with even when the game was no longer fun (I watched the climax at a playthrough and it's kinda anticlimatic so I feel better about not finishing it). 

If you are good at parkour games that require speed and precision (or you want to improve on your skills), then go ahead and give the game a shot anyway. Otherwise, just watch a walkthrough of the game to appreciate the amazing visuals and the importance it held for its time. 
«I could make it better»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A really great Game, which I just wanted to watch briefly, but which tied me up to such a thing that I was about to play in one Go. The Music is great, the Graphics for the Age of the Game still good and the Jump & Run effect really has it in it. Until the Middle of the Game it is really Fun to follow the Story and pay attention in between to the secret Markings, which indicate that the Pockets still hidden here and there can be found, but which have no Effect on the Game. Unfortunately, the Difficulty from The middle of the Game attracts due to the Opponents/Chasers in such a way that you have no Or little time for such Things, because you also have to find the (right) way. Admittedly, the soldier/police officers do not now pose the Problem, they can also quickly beat KO to search for the Bags in Peace, no, it is the opposing Runners who are tired of three behind you. But I found the Final Opponent really difficult, where it took me at least a beaten 1 1/2 Hours to find the right Combination of Punches, Kicks and Evasive Maneuvers to defeat the one. On a large and Whole, a great Game, in which there is definitely no Boredom and, I think, a timeless Classic, because it has barely aged musically and graphically despite the Age.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Attention! The person who wants a spun squeaky platformer FPS game is deceived right at the Start,... we-rope there are actually only three To four colors in this Game ... The Rest is white. AND if that bothers, I don't know how to help, because if you don't even gamble through this Game, then you've missed something damn again! Have You always Wanted to jump over Roofs, master Parkours and all in the ego perspective? Have You ever thought in Fights: "Would I like to punch the Stupid Sow out of my Hand and like Back to sender crass it into the opponent's face?" Well, so is the approximate Principle of Mirror's Edge. As Miss Faith you jump over Dacher, brake through Opponents and have to prove your Finger skill of Fashion Combinations, and that ultimately wrapped up in an adventurous, maybe even somewhat dramatic Story. This Game demands Skill in many Places-So when there were Outlandable Despair when Playing Through, don't Worry about it, you're not the One on Earth. I have nothing to complain about for the Graphics, the Game develops its own Style. The Controls ... Well, you first need something to my Despise for "long enough" Time to get used to the complex Control, which is more recommended on The keyboard ... But vllt is the Matter Of taste. Verdict: Neat Graphics, with futuristic, if monotonous Style. Hammer Story. Action-packed skills scenes that drive Adrenaline. Some complex Control that seems difficult at first. But in so many Places you can find your own Ways to move Around:)-Is a great Game that grew into a Classic.
I've tried "Mirror's Edge" demo through xbox 360 and I was stunned. First time I've experienced first person freerunning game in such high detail and so awesome graphic style/design. I was fascinated and got hooked on the ever lasting action, atmosphere, story. I've finished the game in 10 hours though. Could have been longer, but as I think about it now. This game was "from the future".
«Blew my mind»
The idea within the game is great but you can’t enjoy it. The controls are unresponsive and just don’t fit the active gameplay this game seems to provide. So it’s easy to get angry - also because you sometimes feel lost and don’t know where to go and what to do.  
«Disappointment of the year»
This game is a true gem for me, I recommend it all my friends. A very enjoyable experience because of awesome gameplay, an involving story and outstanding visuals.  
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»