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Mega Man Legacy Collection / ロックマン クラシックス コレクション review
by Basilio Guzmán Gómez

Mega Man Legacy Collection PC Review (Finished on 03/21/20)

Note * Collection contains: Mega Man, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, Mega Man 4, Mega Man 5 and, Mega Man 6

+Ability to save and load the game at will.
+Art style.
+Beat introduction since Mega Man 5.
+Challenges add replay value.
+Customizable controls.
+Fight bosses with the ability of the ones found on Mega Man 2 within Mega Man 3.
+Introduction of Energy tanks since Mega Man 2.
+Jet and Power form in Mega Man 6.
+Mega Buster introduction since Mega Man 4.
+Rewind feature was a very welcome feature.
+Rush and the slide mechanism introduction since Mega Man 3.
+OST of all games.
+Port optimization.
+Save/Load game feature leaves you right where you saved it.

-Battling all the Robot masters a second time is kind of unnecessary. New bosses should have been created instead.
-Bosses shouldn’t have slight invincibility after being hit.
-Cumbersome gameplay.
-Never understood the necessity of pushing Mega Man back when hit.
-No story at all.
-Playing one game feels like playing the rest while the only thing that changes are the weapons to choose and the level design.
-The continue option since Mega Man 4 to replay levels already cleared. That shouldn’t be there. -Unable to cycle through weapons unless you pause the game.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
In this Collection, the Word "Heritage" was taken very literally: It is exclusively 1:1 emulations of the NES games Mega Man 1-6. And they have their advantages and Disadvantages. First of all, the whole Flickering and Jerking of the NES can also be found here, including all Slowdowns and sprite flickers. The fact that one has not Bothered to switch off this "Feature" afterwards is basically unpleasant. For the normal Games, a Database with a few Information about all Figuren/opponents in the Game was installed. This is a nice Bonus. The Advantage of the 1:1 emulation is that you have a very authentic NES experience. ;) You probably don't have to lose a lot of Words about the games per Turkey: Mega Man 1 is just the Forefather, where you constantly have the feeling that Mega You have Oil under your Shoes, because he slips back and forth well on his own. Here is the Magnet Beam, a very useful Item-but from Part 2 it is abolished ... Mega Man 2 is my personal Favorite and overall the Game with the fewest unfair Spots-but here, too, there are some. And also the Slowdowns etc. Nevertheless, the Game has some very nice Stages and a very good Soundtrack! Mega Man 3 is top of the list for many other People. The NES OFT IS or has been overwhelmed, which also affects Playability. For the first Time there was the slip function as well as Rush (Dog) as an Aide. In any Case, one of the better MM representatives and also a good Soundtrack! The exaggerated into the Lengths of the Game content Collides uncomfortably towards the End. The Rush Jet is still overly helpful with MM3-this was, of course, neutered from Part 4 ... MM4 also runs a bit in length at the End and also becomes RIGHT difficult. Generally imo rather many nerve stages. Those who collect Letters in the individual Stages will receive a special additional item. MM5 is even further on a falling Branch than MM4 has hinted. I would never play it again. MM6 first starts really difficult, but then towards the End it becomes a bit more feasible in Terms of Bosses. It also seemed to me that there were more Energy Tanks in the Stages than of the Predecessors. Nevertheless: Not an Experience you want to reproduce. On its own, each of the Games is the Birth of Hell in terms of the Degree of difficulty (especially from today's Point of view)-wouldn't there be the storage store store function! This will greatly defuse a lot of things; Just like an Emulator. In addition to the Full Versions of the Games, there is also a challenge mode in Which You have to survive certain Bosses or complete Level sections under time pressure in a varied sequence, if you want to collect gold/silver/bronze medals. For the Whole thing, however, the PC-/STEAM version makes a Dash through the Bill: Since the release, there has been a Bug that has not been fixed to this day: As soon as you click on the Leaderboard, the Game crashes. Always. Finally, I would like to say that this "Collection" is a bit cheeky. On the one hand, Some Parts are missing (7, X, X2, etc.) and on the other Hand, you have to live with unprocessed primal Versions of a Series of games that have been suffering greatly from innovation poverty since the second Part. Extreme Mega-Man fetishists and Friends of well-groomed Self-rape can access, everyone else should get hold Of Shovel Knight or the like.