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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection review
by Basilio Guzmán Gómez

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection PC Review (Finished on 03/22/20)

 Note* This collection contains: Street Fighter, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II’ Champion Edition, Street Fighter II Hyper Edition, Super Street Fighter II New Challenger, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Street Fighter III New Generation, Street Fighter III 2nd Impact and Street Fighter III Third Strike.

+Customizable controllers.
+Save/Load feature is a good addition.
+Visual presentation of the compilation seems good.

-All titles have input lag.
-Barebones online mode features.
-Difficult to play 2-player games locally even with two Xinput enabled controllers.
-Online only available in Super Turbo, Third Strike and Alpha 3.
-Port optimization is bad. (Feels like an emulator with ROMs stacked)
-Same issues the arcade versions had not corrected.
-Very bad controller support (I’m using both an Xbox One controller and Xbox One Elite Series 2).

 Street Fighter 1

+Bonus games helped vary the so repetitive fights.

-2-Player mode not properly optimized.
-Bad OST.
-Bad collision system (Hitboxes and hurtboxes).
-Bad controller support.
-No Story.
-No throws.
-Repetitive no matter the boss.
-The stronger the enemy, the higher the chances to block the special moves, on top of how difficult specials are to be executed.
-Very unresponsive inputs.
-When bosses are defeated or they defeat you, all of them says the same, like they were not creativity in putting different words.

Street Fighter Alpha

+3 Level super bar and Alpha counter introduced, letting players use each level or all the bars together.
+Air block introduced.
+Art style/graphics.
+Each ending explains better the story overall en route to Street Fighter 2.
+Good OST.
+New characters introduced.

-Arcade mode does not have Bonus mode.
-Bad priority system.
-One button throws.
-Weak story.

Street Fighter Alpha 2

+Art style/graphics are smoother than Alpha.
+Better OST than Alpha.
+Cast expanded upon Alpha 1.
+Controls are more responsive than Alpha.
+Each ending explains the lore a bit better than Alpha.
+Game feels faster than Alpha.
+Improved mechanisms over Alpha 1.
+Introduction of Custom Combo System, which is also combined with the 3 Level Super bar.
+Levels design.
-Arcade mode still does not have Bonus mode.
-No online for such a good game.
-One button throw still.
-Priority system still whack.

Street Fighter Alpha 3

+Air recovery implemented.
+Introduction of the counter hit and X-ISM super bar.
+Expanded cast upon Alpha 2.
+Game feels faster than Alpha 2.
+Guard bar and guard crush implemented.
+Level design feels more vivid.

-Controls feel less responsive than Alpha 2.
-Not sure why they divided the 3 levels super bar (A-ISM) and the custom combo feature (V-ISM) into separate bars.
-OST not that good as previous Alpha entries.
-Priority system still whack.
-Throws feel random and are still at one button.

 Street Fighter 2

+Art style.
+Bonus stages within Arcade mode introduced.
+Introduction of the 8 original world warriors.
+Improved graphics over the original.
+Legendary OST.
+Transitioned into a proper fighting game.  (Not the "fighting game" of a mess SF1 was).

-Bad collision system. (Hitboxes/hurtboxes).
-Bad controller support.
-Damage scalability quite high.
-Game aged badly and very slow.
-Grandmasters Vega, Balrog, and Sagat, plus Bison cannot be selected.
-Introduction of charged and piano inputs.
-No aerial recovery when receiving a throw.
-No dash.
-No tech throw.
-Some characters are missing special moves.
-Strange priority system and punish almost don’t work for aerial attacks.
-Stun is activated with so few hits.
-Throws can be executed from very far away and are assigned to one button instead of two.
-Unable to throw tech.
-Very overpowered CPU.

 Street Fighter 2’ Champion Edition:

+Vega, Sagat, Balrog and Bison playable.
After that is pretty much the same notes as original SF2.

Street Fighter 2 Hyper Edition:
+Game feels more responsive and faster.
After that is pretty much the same notes as original SF2 and feels almost the same game as the Champion edition.

Super Street Fighter 2 New Challenger
+Cast was expanded.

-Slower than Hyper Fighting.
After that is pretty much the same notes as original SF2 and feels like an updated but slower version of the Champion Edition and Hyper Edition.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

+Aerial recovery introduced for the first time.
+All the characters have their complete moves, contrary to the previous versions where the majority of the cast were missing key moves.
+Art style.
+Cast of characters expanded upon New Challenger.
+Game is more responsive than original, Champion, Hyper and New Challenger editions.
+Introduction of the super bar for the first time.
+Tech throws introduced (Although they take a bit of health anyways).

-Block does not work sometimes.
-CPU way more overpowered than previous versions because it reads the player's input with more precision.
-Depending on the situation, after some well-positioned jumps, characters do not autocorrect immediately but after a moment.
-Priority system still bad. (I’ve seen cases in which the opponent connects a throw after you hit the opponent with a plus move).
-Throws still at one button and sometimes they feel random.
-Unbalanced game more noticeable than previous versions.
-While they let you choose two options on each end, endings do not seem canon for some reason.

 Street Fighter III New Generation

+Aerial recovery makes a return.
+Art style/graphics.
+Balanced game.
+Different supers to select per character.
+Fighting mechanisms revamped.
+Good OST.
+New characters introduced.
+Priority system works better than all the versions of 2 and the Alpha series.
+Super bar extended to 2 instead of 1 as it was in Super Turbo.
+Target combo introduced.
+Universal parry system introduced.

-Familiar faces excluded.
-Game feels bare bones in terms of options and modes.

 Street Fighter III 2nd Impact

+Art style/graphics are smoother than New Generations.
+Cast of characters expanded.
+OST is better than New Generations.

-Everything else is pretty much the same as New Generations.

Street Fighter III Third Strike
+Arcade mode provides two routes now.
+Cast expanded upon 2nd Impact.
+Online stability seems better on this title than the rest of the compilation.
+Two buttons throw finally implemented.

-OST seems worst than 2nd Impact overall.
-Very unbalanced game.
-Visual presentation downgraded from 2nd Impact.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
What a Game. I have acquired Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for 20 Euros at ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (#KeinWerbung) and I am fully satisfied what I got daunted. In Total, there are 12 classic Arcade Street Fighter Games plus Game Soundtrack and the complete History from 1987 to 2018 (from Street Fighter, of course). In the Collection you think you can play 4 Games of it online, but the Downside is that you have to wait about 5min for one to come in. Of Course, you can also play locally for two or just the Story Mode. I have to say the CPUs really make someone protrude because you often go Game Over. At least that's:(with me. You just Foresee attacks or when I didn't know how to block I fought Ryu and he fed his Hadoukens that I lost as a Result. Oh yes I play Street Fighter With the Arcade stick of 8BitDo (#NochmalKeinWerbung). Yes that was then eig. Soon soon. https://www♥♥♥♥♥♥♥de/Steam-Games/Street-Fighter-30th-Anniversary-Collection.html Arcade Stick 8BitDo: (Stand:12.08.18; Price:€67.36 is not worth it yet)
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
System: I7-6700K @ 4.00GHz-16GB RAM – GeForce GTX 2070 @ Win10 There are diverse Opinions on this Collection. My Claim was this: I just wanted to have the Street Fighter Games of my Youth uncomplicated in one Package. I'm far too bad for Online Matches, so it doesn't affect me whether there is yawning Emptiness there or Cheaters are on the way. Just want To have a good Time at a couple of Rounds of Street Fighter Alpha And Co. The Collection probably got off to a bumpy start, but it was patched up a lot, so there are now also Versus Fashion and Practice. You can also set the Difficulty levels outside the games to a nub-friendly level – the Arcade settings have always been very crisp – they wanted your Money at that time, which you should throw up nicely. The €40 is, of course, a Joke – but you usually get the Collection for under €15 at the "reputable" key Plates and that's worth you in price. The Emulation is excellent from my Point of view, I can't notice any Lags or other Problems. The Options are somewhat limited but at the Point a good 4:3 full Screen is enough for me. The Frames can be disabled fortunately – I just prefer black on the Sides, but the Idea of having the Arcade Vending Machine outlines as a frame is of course a nice Gimmick – you have the Choice. Canting Games I prefer to gamble with the PS4 Pad on the PC. Here, fortunately, the Buttons are recognized and you also have the corresponding Symbols in the Special Moves and Combos in the In-game Overlays. At the Overlay, you can also save 1x at any time per Game. If you have to get rid of the Boss just before the boss, you can continue later. Beautiful, if simplistic, are all the historical Facts to all Parts. So If you just want to play The way I do Street Fighter on PC without MAME Emulation etc., you're in the best of hands here. Make Sure you purchase the Collection for a maximum of €15, otherwise you might be disappointed.