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Mega Man 11 review
by Basilio Guzmán Gómez

Mega Man 11 PC Review (Finished on March 24, 2020)

+Best OST of all the original titles.
+Challenges returned and are better customized than those found in Legacy Collection 1 & 2.
+Dramatic improvement from all the original titles in terms of product quality.
+Difficulty selection available.
+Enhancements returned and better than those found in previous titles.
+Gear system introduced, making the game more enjoyable and less cumbersome than previous titles.
+Levels design is more interactive thanks to the Double Gear system.
+Rush Coil & Jet now have a dedicated button and a separate bar from the boss weapons.
+Tutorial mode for newcomers and every time a new weapon is obtained so it can be tested right away.
+Very good art style & graphics. They also put good attention to details to effects, lightning and even Mega Man can change appearances when obtaining new weapons.

-Charged shot is lost upon contact. (Something they corrected in Mega Man 8).
-Devil’s eye (Yellow devil) return only spell lack of creativity.
-Mega Man is still pushed back on hit.
-Robot masters are still battle twice.
-Voice acting quality is bad but better than Mega Man 8.
-Weak story.

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+ Tight controls
+ Fun and varied weapons/levels
+ Colorful, vibrant, energetic visuals and design
+ Perfect level of challenge  

- Double gear system overuse
- Voice acting frequency and quality
- Generic music
- Item shop too generous and impacts balance