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Mega Man Xtreme (2000) review
by Basilio Guzmán Gómez

Mega Man Xtreme GBC Review (Finished on March 27, 2020)

+Auto saves available.
+Game contains a Save/Load mechanism instead of passwords.

+Rapid fire & auto-charge is available.

-Bosses still need to be fought twice and were reduced from 8 to 4 due to the platform limitations and were bosses from both X1 and X2, with only 1 original boss.
-Downgraded graphics compared to the Mega Man X, X2 and X3 titles found in SNES due to the incorrect platform selected.
-OST is basically a mix between Mega Man X and Mega Man X2, where it could be something original.
-Sometimes the controls feel unresponsive.
-Very weak story that could have improved better the main X titles and still Dr. Cain is making appearances when he was supposed to be dead in The Day of Sigma OVA.