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Mega Man X Legacy Collection review
by Basilio Guzmán Gómez

Mega Man X Legacy Collection PC Review (Finished on April 1, 2020)

*Note: This collection contains Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3 & Mega Man X4

 +Charged buster is not lose upon contact in all entries.
+FMV reintroduction since Mega Man 8 into Mega Man X4 and showed the battle between Sigma & Zero the first time they encountered.
+Good OST for Mega Man X2, X3 & X4, Legendary OST for Mega Man X.
+Graphics improved upon the original titles found in SNES as per X, X2 & X3 goes. Graphics improved way better in X4 compared to X, X2 and X3.
+Introduction of Hadouken in Mega Man X. Shoryuken, Giga Crush, I Tracer and Double Charged Buster in Mega Man X2, Up Air Dash, Double Combined Charged Shots in Mega Man X3 and Nova Strike in Mega Man X4 was a welcome addition. +No enhancements needed contrary to the original titles to refill weapon energy when not equipped.
+Obtaining new armors in all entries was a nice addition, plus the introduction of the Ultimate Armor for X and Black Zero for Zero since Mega Man X4. +Wall jump added since Mega Man X in all the entries.
+Zero finally become properly playable in Mega Man X4.

-Audio is cracking the majority of the time.
-Bad port optimization.
-Bad voice acting in the FMV of Mega Man X4.
-Black Zero does not have improve when compare to traditional Zero in Mega Man X4.
-Boss fights are linear and predictable as the original titles and need to be fought twice. (Except Sigma).
-Controller customization unable to be saved.
-Hover mechanism for Fourth Armor/Ultimate Armor in Mega Man X4 is extended if you don’t move which doesn’t make much sense.
-Level design still feel as linear as the original titles.
-Mega Man Xtreme & Xtreme 2 missing as part of the collection.
-Save/Load mechanism found in Legacy 1 & 2 is missing.
-Severe slowdowns while playing.
-Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku not added in Mega Man X3, while X1 received the Hadouken and X2 the Shoryuken.
-Unable to set a Turbo button in any of the entries.
-Weak story and there’s a lot of unexplained things from Mega Man X through Mega Man X4.
-Zero can only be playable once in Mega Man X3.