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D/Generation HD review
by Oh.

It's a pretty bad remake of an isometric puzzle/action game from the early 90s that you probably don't remember. Or maybe you do remember it, in which case you should probably just play the original instead, because the "improvements" that have been brought to this remake include:

- Slippier and less satisfying controls
- A boatload of horrendous bugs (bioweapons are sometimes just invisible for no reason, especially the turrets! you will frequently get stuck in the fucking terminals, requiring a restart! dialogue boxes will frequently get stuck on the screen, requiring a restart - nope, even going to the main menu isn't enough! the hud will just randomly not load in upon restarting the game! the 'controls' menu shows up as entirely blank at random! the game can randomly become unwinnable because of timing cycles!)
- A generic graphics style that reminds you of a BigFishGames trialware game from 15 years ago

Without the bugs, this would be a bad remake. Adding in the potpourri of broken mechanics and little annoyances that start to add up makes D/Generation HD absolutely intolerable. I'd probably feel ripped off if it was $1.49 day one, much less $9.99 five years after release.
«Buggy as hell»

Other reviews2

It's a remake of an Amiga game from the early 90s that somehow manages to make the controls not only worse, but far worse and adds a nice bonus package of bugs that range from really annoying to game-breaking. 

The elements of the original half-decent isometric puzzle action game are still there, but the remake is less "Polished console remake" and more "Trialware you would download from RealArcade in 2005 without even bothering to get through the trial before uninstalling". The most fun part was when a dialogue box got so thoroughly stuck on the screen that I couldn't even get rid of it by going to the main menu, so I had to save and restart the entire game. Multiple times, actually. Half the time the HUD would fail to load, so well done there boys.

If you play this game for 6 hours, 3 will be spent restarting the game or save scumming to try to solve puzzles that require precision movement with a control scheme that has all the precision of some guy having a seizure during the ice capades. Floaty, slippery, really janky and just not particularly satisfying. 
«Buggy as hell»