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Metro 2033 Redux review
by patjans5

Metro 2033 is a 2010 survival horror FPS made by 4A Games, who're best known for their work on the Metro series. The Redux version fixed a lot of the bugs and issues the original game had, as well as added some difficulty options and enhanced graphics, but the main game is still very much there. 

Overall Metro 2033 is a fantastic game, both as a survival horror and as a shooter. The game takes you to the underground metro tunnels of Russia, where the survivors of the nuclear attacks that decimated the world now live. You play as Artyom, who is tasked to travel the underground tunnels of the Metro to warn other stations of an attack by the Dark Ones, a mysterious shadowy force that threatens their lives underground.

The story is very well done, engaging, and intense all the way through. You're introduced to a number of incredibly interesting characters, enemies, and factions as you traverse the treacherous world of post-nuclear Russia. The story is also told through Diary entries that start each chapter, as well as ones you can find as you play the game. 

The gameplay perfectly merges survival horror and first-person shooter mechanics in a way that works so well for the game. The survival mechanics are what shines the most, as ammo, health kits, and filters for your gas mask are in short supply, forcing you to scavenge and explore the dangerous world for resources. The battery on your light can go dead, forcing you to stop and charge it, and you'll frequently have to change filters throughout the game. All this on top of the toxic, dark, and dangerous levels adds to the suspense, horror, and action of the game. It's really so well done. 

Graphically the game isn't all that impressive, but I think it works well for the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of the game. Everything is bleak, desolate, and depressing, especially on the surface. Underground it's dark, dank, and equally desolate. It does a good job at selling the whole apocalyptic theme of the game, that on top of the gameplay makes Metro 2033 feel very realistic. 

It's not without some faults though, and as a huge fan of the series, I can admit to these. One big one for me is the moral mechanics of the game. Each game has two ending based on your moral choices, basically listening in on conversations, and choosing the spare enemies. It does a pretty bad job at letting you know about these choices, and overall it doesn't do much for the game. I mean, the sequel is based off of one ending, so it really defeats the purpose of the whole system. Not to mention it can be downright impossible to go through a level without killing anyone unless you've played it a lot.

Another is a minor one, the voice acting, which is pretty bad. It makes what's supposed to be an emotional scene honestly more funny than anything due to bad voice acting. Again, just a minor complaint. 

Overall Metro 2033 is a fantastic game, and the Redux version improves upon a lot of issues the original game had. It's a fantastic shooter game, and an equally fantastic horror. The Metro series is one of my favorites, so I'd recommend it to anyone.

Rating: 8/10
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Beaten more than once»

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"Artyom, I'm completely useless, can you do this for me?"

This game is just fucking great. It does exactly what it's supposed to do, set your anxiety on fucking overdrive.
It's also relatively short so (<15 hours to finish), at this point, you're missing out by not picking up this game, and Last Light + Exodus.

Don't disappoint Artyom.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Foreword Note, please note that this Review refers only to the Redux Version of the Game, and not also to the actual Game and its Predecessor Metro: Last Light ... I did not intend to stand here as a Review, because I just want to address the things that changed in direct Comparison to the Original and for whom it is suitable for whom it is not suitable, either this Version, or the Original to purchase. If it was worth it for me, you can already see at the Thumb up there ... The Extensions on Gameplay When 4A Games announced The Redux versions of the two Metro Parts, I initially found that a Cheekiness: "Why spend £10-20 on a revised Version? Just to promote their new Engine for the "Next Gen," two Games that already look great in themselves and continue to feel great. " I had no Reason at first to acquire even one of the two Games, but 4A Games came out with the fact that they wanted to take over the Gameplay Mechanics from Last Light to the First. This sounded like a suitable Solution strategy for me to repair the corked Stealth Mechanics of the First Time, now it doesn't matter that it doesn't matter through Luck. They also promoted with two "new" game Modes: Spartans and Survival. Sound to me of nothing more than the already well-known Game Modes: Normal and Ranger ... And in fact, little has done to it, just a little longer Reload Times and the Wristwatch from the First, with, at least noticeably, less Oxygen in the Filters. In addition to smaller new Areas (which are often a little hidden off the regular Paths), there are nice "Finde-den-keen-to Safe-and-vice" Mini-games, which are quite suitable for obtaining a little more Equipment than usual. Add to that The Arjom's hidden Diaries, known by Last Light (why he has now hidden them, I don't know) and offer with the new Areas and the Safes a good Incentive to Explore (big Plus point), making the Playing Time clear Stretched; Average Playing Time with me: 8 Hours, the Run (two more than with the Predecessor). The "Next Gen" Graphic As mentioned, it is not a Reason to buy this Redux version, because of the Graphics, at least it was not for me. Character Models have been plucked out of Last Light, in places it looks great again and, and, and ... Well, especially impressive for me was only the Surface and every now And then light games, the Console Player will certainly make Eyes, but we PC gamers have already seen Better. But Metro's Graphic Splendour Doesn't come in vain ... As I said, Redux won't buy because of the Graphics if you've already played the Predecessors. Conclusion Was fun for me again, how is it supposed to be different? Quite tricky and stubborn, it's best playable, so it puts it on a hard Ground. The Stealth System is no longer broken and In Places the Connoisseurs of the First time are offered nice Innovations. For Those who are Concerned about whether they want to buy this, or the Original Version of the Game, I can put out two Recommendations: If you don't care a lot about stealth, and value non-shooting Mechanics, more than enough Ammunition on it Low Difficulty would have wanted and You Don't care, the Main thing is, the atmosphere is right, get the Original The, who according to the two Predecessors couldn't have enough of the Metrouniverse, get the Books, then Redux! -> I was convinced that Last Light Redux, I will also decide whether the Innovations there are sufficient to justify the Purchase, let us leave ...
Metro 2033 Redux is the updated version of Metro 2033, an FPS survival horror based on Dmitry Glukhovsky's novel of the same name. The game is set in the ruins of Moscow following a nuclear war, where the survivors live in metro tunnels. I read the book when I was a teenager and liked it, but somehow missed the original game and played only the remastered version. 

Metro 2033 Redux is not a "run 'n' gun" FPS: even in the so-called Spartan Mode (where you have relatively big amount of ammo and gas mask filters) every single bullet counts. Add a checkpoint saving system to that and be prepared to frequently die and repeat the same part of the game again and again until somehow succeed. This repetition might be quite nerve-racking and at times only a dense atmosphere and an interesting story kept me in. Sometime stealth is an option but it only works against humans and not muants.

So if you like relatively difficult FPS games that require patience in redoing some pieces over and over again than this might be perfect for you, otherwise I would not recomment it. Also note that the game is as linear as possible, so if you like exploring the game world and taking your time in it, Metro 2033 is surely not your kind of game.
It looks amazing. Guns feel right. This is based on the books and manages to convey the atmosphere of them. Get it, you won't regret it.
It is a rare example of story-drive FPS, although very linear, it is paced extremely well. The graphics were superb at the time, Redux made it only better. The gameplay is awesome, the atmosphere is heavy, the characters are vivid and live. In the end you have a perfect survival game, much better then stupid zombie-apocalypse things. It was really refreshing to the whole genre when it first came out and it's too bad not many developers were bold enough to make something like Metro again.
I have never finished this game, however I consider it a very good one. I'll try to explain: the atmosphere is way too dense and heavy, the whole depiction of the post-apocalyptic world is rather depressing. I quit the game halfway through and now I just can't come back until I find something equally emotionally strong but on the happy side. Then I might play it simultaneously to keep the balance.
«Blew my mind»
The Redux version doesn't change much, just a little improvement here and there. It is a linear FPS, set in a dystopian future, mostly underground in the Russian metro stations (hence, the title). Some parts are outside, most ganderous parts to be precise. There are not many choices that you make, all affect the game slightly in the end. It's no Fallout, but there is some replayability to get a bit altered story and a different ending. The looks are great, the sound is great, the fighting is very good. Enemies are not very diverse but still interesting. The atmosphere is terrific. This is what makes it one of the best modern FPSs and worth 100% of the full price.