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Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 review
by Basilio Guzmán Gómez

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 PC Review (Finished on April 9, 2020)

+Black Zero and Ultimate Armor can be used from the start on all the entries with the proper code. (Except in Mega Man X7, as they are not in that game).
+Day of Sigma prequel OVA of the Mega Man X series included.
+Decent voice acting in Mega Man X8.
+Double attack feature was nice addition added in Mega Man X8.
+Chip to improve power, speed and special in Mega Man X7 is a good addition, as it amplifies the capabilities of the characters.
+Good art style/graphics in Mega Man X5, Mega Man X6, and Mega Man X8.
+Good OST in Mega Man X6 and Mega Man X8.
+Helping units through the levels was improved from Mega Man X5 to Mega Man X6.
+Introduction of the Falcon & Gaea Armor in Mega Man X5, Blade & Shadow armor in Mega Man X6, Glyde Armor in Mega Man X7, Axl as a playable character in both Mega Man X7 & Mega Man X8.
+Mega Man X8 returns to be a very fluid game after how stiff and unresponsive was Mega Man X7.
+Multiple outcomes/ending in Mega Man X5 depending on the choices regarding the Enigma canon and the Space shuttle. +Swap characters mechanism is fine in both Mega Man X7 & Mega Man X8.
+X challenges add a layer of replay value to all the games.
+Zero becomes playable in Mega Man X6 once you defeat Nightmare Zero after encountering him.

-3D Gameplay in Mega Man X7 feels very dated and not very well implemented.
-Bad art style and while graphics were improved upon those found in Mega Man X5 and Mega Man X6, the graphics found in both Mega Man X7 & Mega Man X8 don’t suit the game.
-Bad port optimization.
-Bad voice acting in Mega Man X7. (For English of course, better switch to Japanese).
-Boss fights are linear as ever in all entries, they still have a slight invincibility after a hit, which they shouldn’t and once again they need to be fought twice. Kind of lacking in originality. (Invincibility does not occur if an enemy is hit with the first and second hit of Zero Z-Saber or Giga Attack from Ultimate Armor).
-Cumbersome level design in the majority of the stages of all the games. This is more noticeable in the 3D levels of Mega Man X7, nearly all levels of Mega Man X6 and all levels from Mega Man X8.
-Hover mechanism of Axl in both Mega Man X7 and Mega Man X8, should be the one implemented in X from Mega Man X4 to Mega Man X6.
-If action is too heavy, Mega Man X7 will drop frames.
-Intro music for Mega Man X6 is not the original one.
-Lock-On mechanism doesn’t properly work and does not let the character move backward while remain targeting the enemy in Mega Man X7. Also, there’s no strafe.
-Mega Man X Command Mission not included within the collection.
-Movement feels stiffer for X in Mega Man X5 than In previous Mega Man X titles. The same applies for Zero in Mega Man X7.
-OST is not that good in Mega Man X5, Mega Man X7
-Pushback still there after being hit and they made it worse in Mega Man X7 by implementing a knockdown after being hit by some attacks.
-While the story was improved in all the games, the overall story of the Mega Man X series lack depth.
-Why X carry the Z-Saber after Zero returns in Mega Man X6? That did not make sense at all.
-X becoming a character that needed unlock later in Mega Man X7 does not make any sense.