Rineux's review of the game Super Mario Land
Oct 31, 2018
This is a bit like a weird bootleg version of Super Mario Bros. Everything's a bit wonky: Koopa shells explode, the Flower projectile bounces off walls and collects coins instead of being a fireball, the Star jingle's completely different, the designs of the Goombas and the Piranha Plants look off, its whole look is a quite plain... and still, it's thoroughly fun to play.

I remember playing Super Mario Land a lot when I was a kid, it was one of the first games I had for my Game Boy besides Tetris, but still only beating it exactly once back then, with cold, sweaty hands, but not for lack of trying. When I bought it on the 3DS Virtual Console I asked myself if I was just bad back then, or if it actually still is that hard. Well, I managed to finish both normal and hard mode in two sittings today, the first time in about twenty years that I've played this game.
It's short, it's pretty easy  - I beat both modes in one and a half hours with about twenty lives left respectively - but it still manages to throw you a few curve balls. There's two shooter levels for example, which are great fun and I'd love to see something like those in a modern Mario title.

I'm not sure if I'd recommend it if you've never played it before or never had an original brick Game Boy (you youngsters I'd send you straight to the two sequels), but if you're like me and haven't played this in twenty-something years, give it a go again. It's no classic, but it holds up well, and it's still surprisingly exciting and fun.