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Pokémon Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon review
by Basilio Guzmán Gómez

Pokemon Ultra Moon 3DS Review (Finished on May 27, 2020)

(This review was based solely on the Ultra edition, since the vanilla version was not played and with little to almost no knowledge of what happened between the Generations V to VI)

+Battle Tree seems to be like an improved version of the Battle Tower from Generation II games.
+EXP Share can be activated or deactivated as a general option and is not restricted as an equip item.
+EV training returns from previous generations to ensure the correct optimization for competitive play.
+Graphics seems to be even more adequate than even Sword/Shield, thus also better than previous games as well. +Gym battles are changed to a more diverse Island trial, which happens to be a very refreshing experience. +Introduction of Z-Moves.
+Mandatory usage of TM/HM related to obstacles in the main story is not done by forcing a Pokemon to learn those moves, as the game now gives you Pokemon with the desired move per the progression in the game.
+Mega evolutions are kept from Generation VI.
+Music was improved from previous games.
+Not sure about Online battles, but battles with devices near you makes for flawless and lagless experience. +Rewards from trials are usable crystals to enable Z-moves in Pokemon, which eliminates the stale experience of receiving a Gym Badge that you cannot do anything with.
+Thanks to Pokemon Bank, many Pokemon from previous generations can be transferred into this game and Ultra Sun.

-Battles are still very boring since Generation I due to the stale and outdated Turn-based RPG mechanism used.
-Half of the Elite Four were current Kahunas, that spelled lack of creativity.
-Mega evolutions are unlocked after finishing the game and still are limited to one Pokemon per battle.
-Metagame seems to be way too unbalanced for competitive play.
-Moves are still limited to 4 since Generation I games.
-The player is forced to choose between having a Pokemon with either the nite stone needed to Mega evolve or the Z-move to use as the two cannot be selected at the same time.
-The story is still very predictable and not interesting.
-This ultra edition should have been an expansion from the vanilla game, not a full-fledged game.

Other reviews3

It's alright.
Basically what Sun/Moon should have been in the first place. One of the weaker "enhanced" version Pokemon games for sure. You should pick it up only if you haven't played Sun/Moon yet, or you're a shiny hunter. 

Functionally a DLC for Sun & Moon. I know people like to judge games based on their own merits, but franchise games do not exist in a vacuum, and this game should not exist. If you're entering Gen 7 freshly, just buy these games - you lose nothing by skipping from SM to USUM. Their ability to serve as complete games for new players is what keeps the game from being complete garbage to me.