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Deus Ex: Human Revolution review
by Basilio Guzmán Gómez

Deux Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut PC Review (Finished on June 6, 2020)

+Augmentation upgrades were neat and very well balanced.
+Decent graphics.
+Excellent lore, which is expanded by finding e-books through the game.
+Good emphasis on letting the player search for the side quests through the world.
+Good gameplay mechanism.
+Good optimization port.
+Great story.
+Hacking mini-game was a nice addition.
+Multiple endings and a secret ending leading to one of the other games.
+Music was great for the atmosphere and the climax of the game.
+New Game Plus is available for replay value.
+Overall good side quests quality except for a minority.
+Resident Evil-like inventory mechanism implemented to avoid breaking the game with so many powerful weapons and items.
+The game does a great job in question the player moral choice, both to make critical choices and to resort to lethal or non-lethal approaches.
+Very interesting characters.

 -Although the story was great, some things were left unexplained and the whereabouts of what happened with some characters are left ambiguous.
-Boss fights were clumsy and brain dead.
-Even invisible, they were enemies not even near the range of Adam that somehow were alerted.
-Hacking can be very repetitive after a few tries.
-Playing on the controller does not let room for customization and disconnected a decent amount of time. (Xbox Elite Series 2 user here.)
-The sound sometimes was very low for some conversations and very high in some scenarios.
-While the DLC content was good on its own, some areas could have been better. Ex: the level design and avoiding the repetitive bio-scanning sequence so many times.

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The faults this game does have are completely overshadowed by the mountain of quality worldbuilding and story that goes into it. You've got a variety of ways to go about your cyborg adventures in this game, and no matter what you choose it's satisfying. There's nothing better than finding your way into a hidden room, or sneaking past an encounter with some special skill.
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A Great World & Atmosphere , Grabbing Story , Amazing Gameplay where you can play the way you want.
I Recommend this game for anyone who likes stealth or rpg or action game or game where you can chose your own way in the story
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get the directors cut
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