E3 2018 HYPE

Created Jun 12, 2018 by Matthew Dias
Stuff shown at E3 this year that has me excited.
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    It's finally happening. The studio that lovingly pours detail into their settings is making an RPG with a great aesthetic. Can't wait to explore this world.
      Solid voice acting and lots of personality are probably gonna make this a worthy sequel. Tho I haven't played the original yet oops.
        I really love the concept of adventuring through this world to see all it has to offer by delivering packages. The supernatural mystery stuff has me dying to find out what's going on here. Plus the ar…
        Babylon's Fall screenshot
          Not much to go off of here, but what they showed referencing the history seemed interesting.
            Daaaaammmnnn that lighting... This game looks beautiful. Hoping it comes to PC eventually.
              It's ninja Dark Souls. Why would I not be hyped?