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Favorite Thing: The gameplay's pretty fun. Not exactly original, but fun! Least Favorite Thing: Finding out your cover actually doesn't provide any can be quite frustrating. Date Completed: 2018-10-28 Playtime: ~ 8h Enjoyment: 8/10 Recommendation: If you liked XCom you'll enjoy it.
Haiku Review: The concept is great / It will not cost you much money / You should play this game Favorite Thing: There's not much you can do in 60 seconds. It makes for an interesting challenge. Least Favorite Thing: The time limit can get pretty frustrating when you're stuck. Date Completed: 2018-11-08 Playtime: ~ 1h Enjoyment: 8/10 Recommendation: Definitely give it a go.
Favorite Thing: An enjoyable story in a detailed (if empty) world. Least Favorite Thing: The cores and their survival-esque monotony. Date Completed: 2018-11-24 Playtime: 40h Enjoyment: 7/10 Recommendation: People seem to love it. Cowboys are taking forever to ride from A-B just aren't my thing.
TL;DR Solid XCOM-like strategy from Swedish indie developers that does something a bit new to the genre but not so much. Average playthrough goes like 10-13 hours depending on how good you become on taking out the ghouls and robots. There is some variety in enemies to get you to mix up your strategy and set of abilities. 3-man squad and 5 characters but some are too good not to choose for the main roster so doesn't really play that much of a choice here. The only thing that you might miss is the comments and banter from characters but they are few. Gameplay, as I said, is heavily inspired by XCOM but the stealth mechanic is pretty fun. You get to pick out scattered enemies if you have the damage to do it in one turn. But then again it can be quite ridiculous when a robot blows up near a guy that is looking your way but 8 squares away so the game thinks that you are hidden from him. Also, the percentage to hit is always either 25, 50, 75 or 100%, no hard math here. So there are less true XCOM moments where you miss 99% shot... It's a more forgiving game, overall. The Lore and voice acting is pretty good, especially how the writers decided to have some fun with how modern things would look like to survivors of the nuclear wars: metal birds aka planes, iron serpents aka trains and so on and so forth. The plot is pretty straightforward and simple but you don't really play this game for the twists and turns. The ending though did disappoint me. I mean, why on Earth do you make it so obvious... All in all, I'd be glad to come back to the sequel or DLC if it brings more variety to the gameplay, enemies, character abilities.
«Just one more turn»
I would recommend to skip the whole Chronicles series, it's a waste of time mostly This one particularly deserves some attention because of revolutionary Russia setting, but that's all. Gameplay is boring (like the least interesting version of Mark of Ninja) and sometimes extremely difficult, thanks to frustrating timings. There are a lot of moments when you have to make every move absolutely perfect without any second of hesitation. Prepare to replay some parts over and over. Or, better, just skip this game.
«Waste of time»
«Oh God i managed it»
I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes. I've read many stories, I've seen lots of movies and TV-series with Sherlock, and finally I got to play this game. My wife is even more of a fan than I am, which means we played it together sharing the gamepad and at times she completed entire chunks of the game and retold me the story later.  What can I say? This is a fantastic detective game but it falls short if you expect it to be more than that. I haven't played the previous part of the series, but it seems that the overarching story picks up right after it. But it's easy to follow and, dare I say, it's less complicated than any case that you have to solve in the game. You see where it's going right from the very beginning. But at least the story is serviceable to stich together the cases and it culminates in a grand cinematic finale. As for the cases, all of them are very well written, the puzzles always felt logical and fair. I loved the deduction system, which is a simple yet effective tool to show how the clues leead you to the solution. The feeling of going through all clues, notes and signs before picking the guilty one really makes you feel like Bat… I mean, Sherlock. There was one case when we spent a good quarter of an hour deciding whom to blame. And yes, we solved all cases perfectly on the first try, which was also quite satisfying. All the secondary characters are well-written too, and you can easily memorize them throughout the cases. The main characters are solid, yet closer to americanized Sherlocks. Think Guy Ritchie's films for reference rather than anything else, only there's less action and cursing.  As for the action parts, as I said, it's a fantastic detective game, so when it comes to fighting, dodging bullets or solving laracrofty puzzles, you'll probably be annoyed by QTEs, illogical solutions, and clunky animations. It's up to you to decide whether this can hinder the enjoyment from playing Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter. Some mechanics feel that they could be developed further, like the disguise system. It is used in just a couple of episodes, and yes, there's one that is simply hilarious, but I felt that there could be more to it. Perhaps it's a good sign that we never felt bored of repetition, but I guess we'll never get to know that. If you are looking for a good modern adventure game to train your brain, this might be a perfect game for you. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good whodunnit. Just don't expect it to be a jack of all trades.