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The biggest disappointment in gaming history without a doubt. I am truly baffled how anyone could ever defend this steaming pile of crap. Shallow story, shallow characters, more bugs than Fallout 76, braindead AI, horrendous game designs, messy UI, godawful loot system, and worst of all, the lies. CDPR took all the good will I had towards them with The Witcher 3 and they destroyed all of that in less than 2 days worth of playtime. I was in denial at first, firmly believing it to be a 7/10 with bugs, but at this point, and especially after the Crowbcat video, I cannot possibly defend this game. The lies again, are the biggest insult this game has to offer. I feel truly sorry for the devs who did their best but had to give in to the greedy and incompetent higher ups at CDPR. I don't care if all the bugs are fixed in the future, I am never going back to this game. This has left a bad taste in my mouth that will never go away and I doubt I will ever support CDPR again. 
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
I feel like this is a good game with an atrocious port. Not only because a huge portion of the game is removed in the American release, but the line translation is sloppy too. This seems minor, but as a jrpg text is a big part of the experience. When item names and line meanings are obfuscated by poor translation, you basically have to do outside research to figure out what's going on. I feel missed a lot of the nuance in the game and did not maximize combat mechanisms. I got through alright because the US release was also made quite easy, but I definitely wasn't playing optimally. I could have done more research to figure out the systems, but I honestly didn't feel like it. I don't think this diminishes the credibility of my review, however, because I did my best with what the game gave me. Ultimately, I'd pass on this, at least as it was released in '96 in the west.
For starters, the story goes more or less like this: after some time in exile a mad and evil scientist called Andross has been attacking the Lylat System with different kinds of weapons, and the Star Fox team is called to find out what is Andross planning and stop him from doing so. It is pretty much that, and while it may sound basic (and definitely it is) it works incredibly with the tone and overall rhythm of the game.

You take control of a battle spacecraft called the Arwing, its mobility and functions are basic but effective: you move vertically and horizontally while the ship goes its way. The core mechanic is to shoot as many enemies as possible while you evade obstacles and projectiles, it is also possible to throw bombs that are limited but more powerful, as well to increase your power by shooting two beams at the same time. Most of the stages have a rail structure but some of them will start or end with a battle on which you can take full control of your Arwing's direction. Every stage will culminate with a boss battle that for the most part will be pretty easy but introduce you to a disposable but pretty fun antagonist.

The combat is pretty solid, my only issue is that your ship can get on the way and you need to relocate a lot to see what it's coming your way, this can be a little tricky as your shooting reticle depends on your Arwing's position, it is not hard to get used to it but if you receive enough damage one or both of your wings will blow up and your aiming will be incredibly compromised as it will be hard to get a steady aim. I'm not sure if this kind of aiming and damage was a thing back in the year when it was released but it certainly is not present on the few shooters that I have played and I find it brilliant, it is a simple mechanic made for a simple game but it adds a whole layer of tension when you're on the verge of exploding.

The game lets you choose from two game modes at the start of the campaign: 3DS mode and N64 mode. 3DS mode let you use gyro controls and it seems that enemy HP has been tweaked, N64 mode apparently retains the same difficulty and controls from the original, and also you can shot your comrades in this mode, a thing that sometimes can be annoying since they like to appear out of nowhere into your shooting range but it is to add some difficulty into a rather easy game, not to mention that I can't play with gyro controls and 3D on.

Aside from the Arwing, in a few planets you will be using a tank or a submarine, while they don't feel as good as the Arwing mechanically speaking, they still feel like they should. The tank feels heavy but destructive and the submarine while I think is the clunkiest it is also a little more versatile in terms of your arsenal. These scenarios add some versatility to the game and while they are not the most fun to play they are a breath of fresh air.

You can unlock several routes and mix them to add replayability but it's still a pretty short game, each playthrough took me around one hour and it took me 3 playthroughs to play them all and unlock the "true ending". It is not an issue at all because its flow is greatly made but keep in mind that if you're looking for a long experience you probably won't find it here unless you're into having the highest score possible.

Visuals have been upgraded to look good on a 3DS screen, it is not the best 3Ds game you will find but it looks good and the framerate is pretty stable. The thing that I like the most about its graphics is that they have their original appeal and don't deviate much from the N64 art direction. Character design and story have a Tokusatsu and classic Japanese action show stylization to it that works incredibly well with the puppet-like characters. This stylization is well translated to a Saturday morning cartoon style, normally I wouldn't like a choice like this but it is pretty on spot. Although I don't prefer that everyone sounds jerkish and snotty most of the time, it might be a thing of the original script but who knows, it would be great to have the option to play the original Japanese voice acting. Speaking of which, it seems that they cast the original actors from the N64 game and they sound good and replay their roles without any noticeable issue.

For an experience crafted 24 years back, Star Fox 64 3D holds up pretty well with its solid gameplay and charming stylization, this remake celebrates its glory and for better or worse it doesn't try to rectify or upgrade what could be done. I would like to have Japanese audio and maybe a deviation from the original script but these are just nitpicking. Its simple story and gameplay may not be the most memorable things that will change your life or at least mine, but they make up for a pretty fun rail shooter.
«Just one more turn»
The story is meaningful and meta - I love it -, but I truly believe this game is just too long, at least if you go for the 'side nodes'. After a while it starts being repetitive and there's not really much to add to it. I feel like the first one was moved in a much better following the story. 
Monster Hunter: Rise features the most refined gameplay of the series so far. If it receives the same support from Capcom that World received, it will easily be my favorite of the series. 

What makes Rise's combat so smooth is the new silkbind mechanic. It enables highly mobile, free-flowing combat. New monsters are satisfying and badass. You can wall run up and by anything, and stamina management is significantly easier. The whole experience is much more streamlined from start to finish with loads of quality of life improvements. 

Rise's story, however, is where it falls flat. Between forced tower-defense missions and the poor excuses to hunt random creatures, it's a bit of a slog to get through. And you have to, if you want to do high-rank missions. There's also just not enough monsters, but that's likely to change as Capcom updates the game. Already, Apex Rathalos is on the way in the next month. 

Netplay works great, and there are no performance issues in handheld or TV mode. While the game has become much more welcoming to newbies, there's still plenty to offer for veterans. 
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm PC - Finished on 04/11/2021
Very very very very very boring. Arts are beautiful though.
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I’m hoping it fills a Mario kart itch.

The drift and boost mechanisms are intriguing. This game feels like it has a higher skill cap than Mario kart. I don’t like the weapons as much though. They are not as good as Mario karts. The battle modes I wasn’t a big fan of either. Partly because the weapons and partly because the reverse button being down on the d pad is so fucking dumb. The racing has been pretty fun though.

The single player adventure mode on medium has been challenging and pretty fun. Also I like how much customization there is.

This game is awesome. The drift boosting mechanism is so fun.

Current Score: B
No Spoilers - A great game with an amazing emotional story which lacks in both length & structure which almost feels overwhelming with so much to do and so much grinding for progression to gain more strength. It is ultimately flawed with tons of bugs and poor optimization and a marketing team and devs claim it to be the greatest thing on earth and it falls short of that.

Some Positives:
Emotional Storyline
Great Side Missions
Amazing Scenery
Several Ending
Great Progression skills
Difficult story choices
Amazing Soundtrack

Some Negatives:
Short main story
Poorly optimized
Lots of grinding
Some characters are underdeveloped so many of them deserved more screen time
Few Romances options
Difficult story choices (Once you reach the end of the game doesn't mean much)
Driving (only expensive cars drive well)
Buggy as Hell
«Beaten more than once»
Nier: Automata isn't a perfect 10, I was so ready to get my mind blown away by this game because I've heard and read so many good things about it..... It's a bit of a let down for me, there is no explanation on a lot of the game mechanics, lots of pointless wandering in an open world, you have to do several play throughs to get to the real ending, but in the end it does still manage to tells a compelling, emotional,layered story with many twists, bringing up and exploring philosophical and moral themes.... oh and let's not forget that with awesome soundtrack.

Great Story
Fun Combat system
Mix and Mash of different genres of gaming
Awesome Soundtrack

No Autosave
Constant Reading
Having to hold in the fire button all the time
Bad UI
No explanation on how chips work
I have watch YouTube Video for tutorials
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
10/10 Score I haven't enjoyed campaign this much since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare oh be it a very short one, it was simply amazing no copying and pasting of levels, no over the top cinematics or speeches. Great Level design and missions and tells a wholesome story.

Good Story (Campaign)
Fantastic Mulitplayer Gameplay
Best bro BT
Great Secondary Characters
Amazing Gameplay Mechanics

Average Soundtracks
Story Felt Too Short
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
«Liked before it became a hit»
Killer vibes. I love the campaign, music, and immersion of this game. The PS5 enhancements look and feel great. 
Awesome story that is going so deep into Mortal Kombat lore that you need to have wikipedia ready on the side. 

The graphics and fighting are excellent.
Mega Man 11 PC - Finished on 03/24/2020