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it's gonna be better with every year
Watch Dogs was easily one of the most anticipated video games of the decade, though when it released in 2014 it was met with disappointment, and because of that I never gave it a chance until this year. I'm here to tell you now that it's worth going back to.

Story-wise it's a gripping tale of revenge and corruption as you control Aiden Pearce, a man seeking out who killed his niece and tried to kill him. There's plenty of tense and thrilling moments, and it really never feels stale. 

Throughout the game you utilize a combination of stealth and shooter gameplay, all centered around the concept of hacking. You can hack anything from street lights, enemies, to random citizens. You can sneak into systems, take down helicopters, anything to get the edge in combat, or just for fun. I think this level of freedom is one of the best parts of the game, you can pretty much approach every mission in your own way.

Shooter wise it's pretty standard, nothing to write home about. The driving mechanics are fine, but the car chase gameplay kinda sucks, and somehow almost every mission ends in a car chase. Besides that just driving around the map is pretty fun.

The world of Chicago that the developers created is honestly impressive. It feels like Chicago, it feels busy, and it feels lived in. There's plenty of mini games and side mission to take on if you feel like diverging from the story, or you beat the story. I know the graphics got some shit upon release, and I get that, it was pretty under-performing compared to what was promised. But looking back on it now it's honestly not bad for it's time. 

Overall it's a game I'd recommend going back to, especially with Legion coming out sometime (hopefully) this year.

Rating: 6/10
It seemed like a good enough platformer and it has nice visuals but I don't particularly like platformers and I have no idea what that was about.

Date Completed: 2020-02-13
Playtime: 2h
Enjoyment: 6/10
Recommendation: It was alright but not my cup of tea.
This game is an absolute blast. It has just the right amount of Dark Souls heart but lightens up on the difficulty (that's a good thing). There's still a good amount of challenge to be found but, for me, it trades frustration for enjoyment. Gameplay aside, I loved the characters, art style, and really enjoyed the story. But I still hate silent protagonists.

Date Completed: 2020-02-11
Playtime: 33h
Enjoyment: 9/10
Recommendation: I'll be first in line if there's a Code Vein 2!
Finally, a good Star Wars game.
Good: Story, Combat style
Bad: Should have a side quests, or companion quests for the price of the game. 
Story: Meh
Dialogue: Pretty par
Gameplay: Really solid
Level Design: Really solid
Quest Lines: Little repetitive, but get way better as you progress
Atmosphere: Beautiful
Perks/Builds: Very well thought out

Overall: 8/10 | Ubisoft surprised me.
«Better with friends»
Going in with no expectations, A Plague Tale tells an engaging story with beautifully grotesque visuals and a talented crew of voice actors. The gameplay is hit or miss, and sometimes doesn't lend itself to the story the game is trying to tell. The crafting mechanics layered on top only served to distract me from the story and get me out of character to look for materials. Sometimes the scarcity made things more intense, but the game always provides you with the materials you need to get through any part of the game.

Keep expectations low and just enjoy the story. Ignore the crafting as much as possible, and take comfort knowing this isn't a branching story. Get immersed, get into character, and enjoy the ride.
No map, no instruction, unfair enemies even on normal.
It’s hard to say which one is more clunky, the buggy graphics and poor controls or the story of racist animals. The world building and character acting is ambitious but far from makes up for the lackluster story beats and gameplay.
Can’t say enough good things about this game. From character work that you’d expect from BioWare to a rewarding combat system once you get half way through the game. Had a blast playing it and continuing the Dragon Age story.

It’s not quite Dragon Age Origins but I enjoyed it a lot more that Dragon Age 2. My main criticisms are the combat not fully clicking till mid game and the glitches/bugs that occur. The is way more room to grow on Frostbite which includes how the characters walk. Overall though I put in 100 hours including then Trespasser DLC and I miss my companions. 
Detroit Become Human is set in a near future where androids is a fully-realized dream. The androids does everything the humans ask them to do, until suddenly, some of them begin to stand up for themselves. In the game, you play as 3 of these androids. During the game you'll constantly make choices for each of them, which will heavily influence the course of the story. The game continues no matter what, even if a main character dies. The main characters are all really likeable, and so is the story. A lot of the performances given by the voice actors are simply incredible! 

The game's main story is very reminiscent of history events like the black rights movement, which might feel a little cliche for some people, but I personally didn't have a problem with it.

Now, one of the biggest flaws of the game is that it's gameplay consists only of quick-time events and choice-making. It's pretty much an interactable movie. This is the reason why a lot of people doesn't like the game. I personally really liked it though, as I thought the main story was very compelling, but I felt it was a little woke that main characters could die as a result of you failing a quick-time event.

The graphics are also incredible, and the soundtrack is great as well.

• Compelling main story
• Great performances
• Soundtrack and graphics

• A lot of quick-time events
• Not a lot of gameplay

Overall score:
7/10: Great
Resident Evil 2 is a remake of the classic horror game from 1998. I never played the original, so I can't compare this one to it. To start of, the game is a horror game, so it's very scary. I'm not much into horror games, but I really enjoyed the game. I felt like it didn't throw to many jumpscares at you. There's especially many jumpscares in the beginning of the game, which really suits the vibe of you being new in town. In some parts of the game you'll be constantly followed by the terrifying Tyrant, an unstoppable enemy. This forces you to move quick, and these parts are very intense. The game is about 8 hours long, but never feels dragged out.

The game has two main protagonists, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Before starting the game you'll get to pick who to play as. I would strongly encourage playing through the game at least two times to experience both protagonist's stories, even though much of it is the same. Leon S. Kennedy is on his first day as a cop when the game takes place, and Claire Redfield is coming to the city to look for her brother. Both protagonists will meet each other several times through the game.

The gameplay primarily consists of exploration, puzzles and of course shooting zombies. The ammunition is very scarse, so you'll have to make your bullets count. The zombies takes a lot of bullets to kill, so you'll have to only use your guns when necessary. This isn't DOOM afterall. The puzzles are very diverse and fun to solve, which is great considering that they take up a large sum of the game.

The final thing I want to talk about is the graphics. The RE Engine delivers big time here, especially in dark areas. The amount of detail on faces, both the main characters and the zombies, is very impressive. The lightning system is also phenomenal.

• Great gameplay
• The two protagonists each have their own stories, boosting replayability.
• Stunning graphics with great lightning effects
• Fun and diverse puzzles

• The game may be too short for some people

Overall Score:
8/10: Excellent
fuck u
«Waste of time»
Watch Dogs 2 is the sequel for the highly anticipated, but ultimately mixed first game. Developed by the same company, Ubisoft Montreal, Watch Dogs 2 was aimed to be bigger and better than the first, fixing whatever issue people had with it. And ultimately I feel it achieved that.

Watch Dogs 2 takes place not long after the first game, which introduced us to hacker group Dedsec, Blume, and ctOS. In this game we follow Dedsec, and their quest to take down Blume and expose them to the world. In terms of story and characters I'd say this game surpasses the first. While not as serious as the first game, it still has plenty of thrilling moments. It's funny, trendy, and overall I ton of fun. The characters are a lot more unique and charming, I found Marcus to be a lot better of a protagonist than Aiden.

The game takes place in San Francisco, featuring a beautiful open world map, much larger than the first game. There's still plenty of mini games, side missions, and races to have fun with aside from the story. One of my favorite things though is how much more detail was put into the side missions. It's all less repetitive, and more fun to complete, making it more worth it to stray from the main story.

Mechanically the game is vastly improved as well. The driving is so much better, so is the shooting mechanics. The ability to use a taser in this game is one of my favorite parts, it makes more sense to not go on a killing spree if you're caught all the time. The graphics are a lot better as well, especially compared to the original promise of the first game.

Overall this game is just a better improvement in all aspects. It's still not a phenomenal game, but it's engaging, fun, and leaves a lot to be excited about for the third installment.

Rating: 7/10
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit back and relax»
Addicting, relaxing, rewarding, fantastic
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
Enjoyable for a while, but the gameplay is somehow weird and the game gets monotonous after a couple of championships. I very much prefer playing the classic it was inspired by: Out Run. Or any other better arcade racing game like Wipeout.
One of the best single player shooter that i have played!!

Rating 9/10
Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore plays like a Shin Megami Tensei game with just a splash of Fire Emblem more than it does an equal part marriage of the two. The turned based battle system is familiar feeling with a few new bits, consisting mainly of the attack chains (known as “sessions”) that build and build as the story progresses. These onslaughts of blades and magic keep the colorful battles bombastic and entertaining. With a delightfully ridiculous plot centered around a Tokyo passed talent agency tasked with secretly protecting the general public from monsters whom feed on our “performa” (the energy our talents generate), this game comes highly recommend and is just as much a must own on the Switch as it was on the Wii U.
One of the best games you can get from a Star Wars game. The game unfortunately has a lot of cut content due to dev's time restrictions but a mod called TSLRCM mod which restores the deleted content as well as adds a 3rd ending to the game.

Hours of fun and tons of mods to play around with as well! This and KOTOR one got be into RPG games but not many of them even gets close to being as good as KOTOR games.