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One of the best games ever created. 
Gameplay is pretty simple, this could've been a walking-simulator. To my surprise, the game is not even scary. I encountered two cheap jump scares though. Some of your choices don't seem to make any difference and exploring is just for the sake of finding more background information. The different skills you can put points in can change the path a bit. The investigation parts are also easy, as everything you need to find to proceed will be highlighted. The only action sections of the game, stealth and shooting, feel very glued on and shallow. Both pose very little challenge and just slow down your exploration a bit. Although I prefer that the game is more about exploring and investigating rather than shooting your way through hordes of enemies.

The graphics are good, as long as there are no characters on the screen. Animations are pretty bad and don't look very natural. But the areas you move through are well designed. For some reason having your current objective in the corner of the screen all the time was annoying to me, especially since the game is linear and not that difficult and no other UI elements are shown. Voice acting, music and sound effects are ok, but nothing memorable.

Since there are not too many games about cosmic horrors and I very much like the theme, I enjoyed this one even after all the complaints. The story is not complicated, but kept me interested and wanting to know how it ends (although, for lovecraftian horror there are usually only a few possibilities how the journey ends).
Read more... is a simple but addictive browser game, though it has a lack of progression or story the easy and simple gameplay makes up for it. It has lack of features to do while outside the 'arena' though the gameplay is excellent. I would advise this game to anyone with some free time to just have a few rounds of it
Best pinball game I ever played. Very well made and lots of fun. Great physics and sounds effects. Feels like the real thing! Lots of cameras to choose from. I am a comic book fan and I like the use and representation of the Marvel characters in this game.
The classic couch co-op party game returns, and this time the Super Smash Bros have really outdone themselves. With 74 characters to choose from (not counting the amazing DLC characters), every single player will find someone to play as who matches their style. Whether it's classic franchise mainstays like Mario and Fox, or new characters for this game like Incineroar and Ryu, there's certainly something for everyone and enough possibilities to prevent the gameplay from ever growing stale. In a way, I hope that this is the last Smash game, because everything is perfect. The characters, the moves, the stages, the music, the story mode. It's all so good, and makes me wonder how Nintendo is ever going to top this.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Better with friends»
«OST on repeat»
An astonishing game that takes out the needless complexity of the previous one to make a more streamlined experience that will leave in awe for it's beauty! 
IMO the best of the trilogy!
Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a great if lacking game. All of the core multiplayer components are here, making it as fun as ever with a 70+ character roster, and tons of stages to boot. However core modes like Home Run Contest, Target Smash, and Event Match are completely absent. The story mode ‘World of Light’ is fun, but it gets repetitive after a short while.
My Score: 75%
Super Mario Odyssey is a pretty good game. It’s not my favorite 3D Mario game by any means, it can get really annoying at times, and needed control techniques take a bit of learning, but It’s a lot of fun, with tons to explore and collect. 

My Score: 75%
Good tactical game with fun style. 
By far my favorite assassin's creed game, and that's saying something because origins and black flag were very good. The game strays away from the traditional assassins vs templars in favor of taking down a cult. The main storyline took me 45 hours to complete, and another 10 for the 2 other storylines. The only downside for me would be the fact that the side quest are just fetch mission.

+ Unique combat system to differentiate from Souls
+ Extremely demanding (and ultimately rewarding)
+ Level design (grapple encourages verticality)
+ Focused experience, minimal fluff

- Uninspired story
- Mediocre enemy design (compare to Soulsbourne)
i thought it was kinda dull with a lot of busywork and fairly rote fighting (melee combat in these games are as bad as lara's childhood) and sorry but the rudimentary platforming is getting really tiresome 3 games in. the dizzying ludic/narrative harmony they managed in the 1st game is completely gone now, we're just left with a handful of tired game mechanics and some fancy shadow maps.

OTOH the set pieces when you're running from/to something and the scenery falls down around you are still good and this game looks incredible holy hell its nut that games look this good. oh and i liked when you played as kid lara for a bit that was cute as a button

i think you'd like this game if you like games that think they're movies. 
when i was like 8, after I had gone to bed but it was still light outside (so it was like 19:30) I would stare at the ceiling and draw lines between little bumps and ridges like i was drawing efficient little straight line connections in my mind. and this game has corporealised that childhood past-time. this game scratches the same itch as tetris, the feeling of tidying up and making it nice.

i hold 2 WRs in this game and have >600hrs logged on steam. this is not a normal amount and this is not a normal game.
i dont even like card battling games and I played the shit out of this one
its the same as FH3 but with MOAR GRAFIX.. its what outrun was in my imagination but set in a beautiful rendered UK. Outrun has better voice acting (none) and a blonde waifu, if you don't mind either of those deficiencies then forza is a good arcade racer that you will enjoy until the repetition of driving becomes numbing. i appreciated the very flexible difficulty settings for casual noobs like me.
my review playing it in vr when high
THIS IS THE BEST GAMEZ OMG! colours, pretty chip tunes, little people living inside cartoon boxes. prodding little puzzles until something magical happens is so much fun! really relaxing and cute.

my review playing it on tv when not high
this is boring all u do is click on bad graphics

in conclusion
if you have vr and like getting high this is a must buy for what they're asking
I played this game post Dark Souls so it's up to you if that is a good or bad thing. Regardless, I slashed my way through Demon' Souls in a short period of days, I was really hooked by the game's atmosphere.

As a now devoted FromSoftware fan, I think that maybe some FromSoftware games that came after lack some of the charm and moments that Demon's Souls has to offer. At this moment in time its hard to think that there are people in the gaming world that aren't familiar with the so-called "SoulsBorne" games so you may know that this game is hard, but same as its predecessors it is as rewarding and addictive. I find it a little grindy in some areas but aside from that the rhythm of progression was great, the combat is simple but brutal so you'll not miss that.

I want to make a note that the music is a masterpiece, it has its own tune and its classic from the moment zero, unlike the after FS games that at times can sound a little too familiar, this game has a different vibe (If I knew of music I could point what exactly is), like something that I haven't heard in games or movies in a while, is amazing. The story is cryptic but has some kind of linearity which is nice, also I may be wrong but I have certain fights that seemed optional and added a ton of meat to the main narrative and I loved that, so it felt organic in so many ways.

I can't give Demon's Souls enough credit for anything, and my issues are really so minor like some FPS drops and a warp system that kinda screws if just a little the mood of the game. I really hope that this game has a remaster or remake because it's kind of hard to get and the online functions are down as well, a classic.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«That ending!»
«OST on repeat»
Got this as part of Xbox's "Games with Gold".   I have LIMBO so I had an idea of the gameplay style but this was INFINITELY more creepy to me. The faceless men chasing the little guy.  The attack dogs. And the worst part - the long-haired underwater creature. I did well finding the hidden orbs at the start but quickly got caught up in just getting through the puzzles and forgot to search for them, which is what all the achievements are attached to! BUT it appears that once you finish the game, you can easily go back to any point in time so I plan on picking it up again and finding the orbs.

If you want a puzzle game that will keep you busy for a few hours and also give you goosebumps, INSIDE is a solid pick.
It is actually better than i expected.
«Beaten more than once»
A common average MMORPG on mobile, one of the first in own genre.

+ Tolerant real money balance

- No interest process of gaming
«Waste of time»