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«Sit back and relax»
It's fun and engaging, with a campaign mode that is quite challenging and a decent replayability thanks to unlockables, different maluses and objectives. It could need a lot of polishing if I'm being honest, for example a better HUD and better hitboxes.
It's a pretty amazing game and very addictive. The only issue with it is its short (and unforgettable) story and controls can become a bit clunky sometimes. But overall, for a game that started with one dev and then was finished with a small studio, it's an amazing 2 hours experience.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Great game with fantastic gameplay & exceptionally crafted open world.
I really love the setting and premise of this game and really wish that the idea of a city slowly sinking was used more effectively. The game captures what you'd expect out of a Lovecraftian game well enough but there could definitely be some more madness effects. I love a lot of the things the game does from ape hybrids to having the denizens of Innsmouth be refugees after the city's destruction. There are some good underwater sections that can be pretty freaky if you don't enjoy colossal monstrosities. The gameplay isn't the greatest but I don't expect too much from the people making Sherlock games as there isn't much combat if any in those games. It is serviceable but the devs bring all their detective talents over and that is where the game really shines. There is a lot of good deducting the players will do as the game doesn't exactly hold your hand. I'm fine with this but I do wish there was a better way to show where hints are as some places will have to scouring the same scene because the prompt didn't display properly. The game does not lack in content in the least. While the main story is fairly short, there is a ton of side quests and little errands to do to keep players busy. When it comes to traversal though, the game can get a little tedious. There is fast travel from phone booths that need to be discovered first and their placement isn't always the best and then there are multiple flooded streets requiring a boat to traverse. For the most part it's manageable but it can get old needing to go to Reed Heights multiple times if you didn't find a fast travel there. All around I enjoyed the game a lot and it does a great job of portraying a detective in a Lovecraft story.
I think this game is good for the most part. It definitely captures what you'd want in a Lovecraftian game, which is mainly the inescapable insanity. Some of the story is meh but there are some good parts. I like all the nods to various Lovecraft stories and some of the lore they added.  I really enjoyed the cosmic tearing at the games climax. It's a small thing but it was handled well. The game does suffer from some old design flaws, worst of which is progression without backtracking. This comes in both the most obvious form which is if you progress too far within the story, you cannot go back. Any clues or conversation you missed are lost and the game has a pretty harsh autosave. Most games that respect a players time will have an option that shows this will move the story forward. You've probably seen this a lot where you can say 'not yet' and go about your checklist of actions. The other issue is in the dialogue tree it's not apparent which choices are branches to another topic or which are choices to close off a branch. Most of the time you can ask almost everything but the ones on the right which usually indicate that is the progression. All that aside I think it's impressive that a team, who's catalogue mostly consists of bicycling games, did a pretty good job with the license. I don't think anything will ever top the 2005 Call of Cthulhu but that has a lot to do with nostalgia.
«Beaten more than once»
Wow, what a gameplay. I always felt nostalgic about it, but now tried and loved it. Simple gameplay formula that is hard to master. Visuals are superb! The only downside some tricks not obvious to learn from the game itself. 9 breathtaking backgrounds of 10
«Just one more turn»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
I feel bad for leaving a negative review, because it feels that this game was made with a lot of soul and heart. However, the intentions were good, the result — not. Lack of directions, empty poorly designed levels, wonky controls, unrewarding collectables and some questionable design decisions result in an exploration game that you don't want to explore. The story is okay. Generic, but nicely written.
This game was truly Abandoned.
«Waste of time»
Absolutely Exceptional. Tim Schafer and everyone at DoubleFine has pushed the limits of what a seated, non-motion control VR game can be. It by no means is a limitation to this game, and that's what makes this a remarkable title. I don't think there is a single game that has done so much with so little before. WOW. A must-play. Got this one sale for $6 and had I ever need to buy it again I would happily pay full price.

The only thing I wished this had more of was music - with the few tracks it has, they're all phenomenal, but many moments are without music. Some are fitting areas, but I still wished there were more, especially in the POV on those psycho-poisoned.

This is a DO NOT MISS game, and a masterclass on how to push the boundaries with limitations in VR.
«Blew my mind»
I played the demo for Forspoken. So it could be a whole lot different from what I tried. But in it's around 30 minutes demo, Forspoken couldn't captivate me.

Firstly the Performance, I Played performance mode at first, which seemed to work fine there were occasionally frame dips. But then after a short time I thought for the fun of it, I'll try the other two modes. Fidelity and Ray Tracing. Which did both run at 30 FPS. However after initiating a fight did drop below 20 or maybe even 15.

What's worse are some of the odd choice for controls. Holding L2 or R2, whilst moving the left stick left or right whilst holding circle lets you do a small flip. I often found myself sprinting however because moving left stick and circle allows you to sprint. I think it's just an odd choice.

Thirdly, the game feels so empty. There's this huge open world and it feels tiring exploring it because there's barely any enemies. Anywhere. Just deer.

What is impressive is Square Enix were brave enough to release this the same day as Dead Space for around the same price. Of course. The full game could be the top game of 2023. But with the reviews so far. I'm not holding up much hope.
«Waste of time»
«Ugly as my life»
Oh so pretty but oh my the Ubisoft grindathon is real
Cute little Indie with a relaxing vibe for most of the game. It has some interesting physics based mechanics that extend beyond what you might think a hole in the ground can do, but it really doesn't fully show off this potential until the very end of the game.

Overall, this game has some fun and relaxing moments and even get a few laughs, but I would recommend everyone wait for a sequel if and when they continue to develop more interesting dynamics like what was done in the end of the game. 

Get it on game pass while you still can, otherwise, skip it and wait for Donut County 2
«Sit back and relax»
«That ending!»
A more than worthy sequel minimally dragged down by cinematic game design at points
Boring game with no story and strange controls. I was already angry at the game after one hour. Didn't have fun during that time.
«Waste of time»
This game was like $5 on the Xbox store, and I was looking for a game to cure my boredom at the time, and this for sure did that.  This game reeled me in for quite a bit and I felt like I got enough out of the game to stop looking for more endings.  I recommend if you have nothing else to do and enjoy exploring endless branching narratives and walking sims.
Many thought that WB Montreal was going to deliver an Arkham-esque game with this one, but that was for sure not the case.  Although it was made clear we would be stepping into Batman's shadows and forced to embrace different styles of combat and general gameplay mechanics, this game proved to be very boring at times.  I appreciated the attention to detail with regard to the varying dialogue amongst the 4 playable characters, but the game did a poor job of making sure I would switch from character to character every once in a while.  Upgrades you earned as one character was only for that character, which basically forced me to max out Red Hood and play as him for the majority of the game.  Because of this, I missed out on some other focal points that the other characters maintained, like stealth, which would have let me reminisce about the Arkham games, at least a little bit.  Aside from the fundamental feel the game had, the low frame rate on the Xbox Series X was a turn off from the start - and it is not even like one of those things where frame rate is sacrificed for better graphics.  Rocksteady's 2015 Batman: Arkham Knight had better graphics than this game.  To top it off, the top speed for the bat-cycle was comically slow and was a perfect reflection of the game as a whole: badass before playing it, disappointing during and after playing it.
it wont let me play
«Disappointment of the year»