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As much as I enjoyed the first handful of hours, this game made me extremely frustrated throughout the island resort grind. The big draw to New Horizons is the progression. On this deserted island, it's very easy to see the progress you're making and gives a sense of pride to your new home. About half way through, the grind begins. The game is no longer about progressing your island, but about grinding for turnips, buying and selling, and going through tedious chores. What makes me the most angry is the blatant lack of quality of life. Giving fossils/bugs/fish/art to Blathers is so incredibly slow and if you already have all the fossils, you're still forced to go through lengthy dialogue to get worth out of those fossils. I also had my roommates play on my Switch and they were frustrated because they didn't have as much power on the island as I did. Going to a friend's island feels like it would be shorter to just drive to their house to see it. Again, really enjoyed the beginning, but because of the purposefully slow gameplay and poor multiplayer, this is a game that I left as soon as I reached my goal.
If 1000 police officers are shooting at you and they miss every shot, then ... 
«Waste of time»
Great game! A must have for Open World games lovers!
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
I don't fully understand what was intended in the story. But I love what I have seen. The narration was very funny and continued the same brilliancy from stanley parable.  The seemless change into different levels are totally in sync with the voice and nothing seemed out of place. Is the story about the narrator itself or is there actually other person is still confusing for me.  I felt this type of games are unique and have to be tried regardless of ratings ..
This game is hype as hell! The only battle royale game where I'm completely involved for the entirety of the game. It's Tetris, so already it's going to slap. The enemy targeting seems tagged on like it was meant to be a PC game, but Tetris 99 has drawn me back into Tetris! Gameplay speaks for itself.
Melee is a defining game for the Smash series, the platform fighter, and the fighting genre in general. There's no doubt the impact that Melee continues to have on the gaming scene, but it just isn't worth the hype. If you're willing to put hundreds of hours into this game, I hear that the combat gets extremely technical and deep due to glitches and unintended techniques. Even with these, there are only three or four viable characters with characters like Bowser and Ganondorf left completely out of the meta. On the casual side of things, this game's a blast. Easy to pick up and makes for a great party game. Although it fairs better than Brawl, this game feels week standing next to Ultimate and the Wii U versions.
This game was one of the biggest surprises for me this year in such a great way. Originally, I was turned off by the low poly, low texture vibe that this game goes for, but it's obvious that's what needs to happen to make this game make any sense at all. The idea of a Rogue-like third-person shooter is genius and it works so well. The game does have to chug a lot at some points, but it doesn't inhibit the addictive nature of this game. Co-op with friends is a blast and the different heroes makes the game feel varied. Music bops and getting a good set of drops feels incredibly satisfying. At the time of this review, the game is only in early access, but I can not wait to see the final product!!
It's a good game. I am new to games and this is the first platform game I played. Overall difficulty wise It is difficult for beginners , Most of the game is doable quickly but some tricky parts make you pluck your hair. I don't know what to expect from games but this type of games are so stressful . I died over 1750 times in a single day.  The feeling after finishing the game does not feel right. I am glad that it is short though. took me nearly 4 hours to finish. I need to Understand how to play games I guess.
The mechanics are nice though with the anti gravity thing. OST is good but listening to it under stress ruined the music for me. 

There are good things to say about this game,
- You get to hang out with a well defined set of characters, and really get to know them inside-out. That's always something I'm looking for in a VN.
- The game treats you as a tourist, giving vivid descriptions of places, symbols, traditions, folklore, and even the food of Matsue.

But all of that is bogged down by several serious issues at the core of the crux of the game: writing.
- Some scenarios, particularly towards the final chapters, take weird and awkward turns. They either brush off extremely serious topics, or they fail to create suspension of disbelief when presenting a scenario that's completely out there. At times you could be led to believe you're watching a satire, but for the most part that's not the case.
- The meat of the game is the supporting cast. Each member of the cast is dedicated a chapter of the game, so you get to know them pretty well. Only problem is, they're all extremely boring. You even get to know their inner struggles and conflicts, and they're all just as boring. Maybe the problem is not exactly that they're all shallow characters, but rather...
- It's the fact that you're a complete fucking stranger. The supporting cast is a rowdy band of high school friends that went their own way after graduation. Then there's you, a fucking 'tourist' that's never really welcome, awkwardly playing the third-wheel to a bunch of strangers.

It sounds like a lot dragging down the game, and it is, but I can't bring myself to hate it. Despite the drawbacks, it's still the exact game I need to sit back and relax now and then.
The narrative is sustained a lot in the historical events that almost nothing remains original. And try, but try hard to be a The Witcher 3, but it doesn't have the level of detail and effort that is worth it. For these reasons it is incredibly not bad, they said 4 years of development that yielded a "good" close to an "ok" but a little better. This game strengthens my idea that Ubisoft is a game assembly factory like some studios working together, which reflects in games almost "soulless".
I played this game on mobile when it came out so take this with a grain of salt. Symphony of the Night truly is incredible and I enjoyed the environment and exploration. However, I can not recommend this game on mobile to anybody. Any enjoyment I got from the game was instantly taken away by garbage touch controls. I don't understand why they would release a mobile version if this is how it plays. Maybe I'll try again later with a better console.
What do I want from a Just Cause game? Basic story, high energy, over the top combat, great scenery, great traversal, and the feeling of being a Bollywood-style badass. That's just not what I got from this entry. The army system is convoluted, they made the grapple hook mechanics do way more than they needed it to, and the graphics - although technically better - lack the colorful and movie star vibe that Just Cause 3 had. When I play this game, it simply feels like Just Cause 3 with too many complex mods. As a long time Just Cause fan, this is extremely disappointing.
I played Super Monkey Ball 2 as a child and loved it to death. My roommate and I recently picked it up again for a trip down memory lane to play through some cute monkey levels. This is what we got from the first world. Past then, it was a nightmare roller coaster to hell where the only way to win is to go down endless tries of slippery monkey controls. Great game to play with a friend, but wow this game was so so so SO difficult to complete. On top of this, the minigames are all really great and are worth a couple hours each.
This game is exactly what a kickstarter strives to be. This game has four main storylines plus a fighting game and it's one of the biggest bang you can get for your buck. Shovel of Truth is the classic Shovel Knight story and is a wonderful tribute to NES/SNES games of that era while keeping the advantages of modern technology. Plague of Shadows is basically the same game as Shovel of Truth except with the Plague Knight. Although I like Plague Knight's movement a lot, it feels like the weakest add-on because these levels were designed with Shovel Knight in mind. Specter of Torment is by far the best part of the game. A crazy moveset, new levels, amazing music, and a neat, prequel story line makes this stand out. King of Cards is really neat and introduces a great card game where you collect cards in the same vein as Gwent from The Witcher 3. Not my favorite moveset, but the levels push King Knight's movement to the absolute limits and feels rewarding and satisfying.
Playing this game with the homies at midnight is the perfect night. I find myself always coming back to this game because of how simple yet complex the gameplay is and that I can play cross-platform with friends. Although it's coming out as a free-to-play, it truly is worth the $20 buy-in.
Mario Tennis: Power Tour is one of the strangest and greatest things to ever happen to Mario sports games. The main difference is that instead of focusing on the Mario crew, the game focuses on Clay, Ace, and a whole slew of random characters. Not only this, but they have added a bunch of RPG-style stats and mini-games to increase those stats. The gameplay is complex without being overly flashy and keeps the main game of tennis at the heart. All this with a mild story and a great finale makes this game stand out among the rest.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
i absolutely love this game!
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
This game was absolutely fucking amazing. Outstanding work. Until you get to the shitty fucking epilogue and have to go through a ranch hand tutorial. Fuck that. That was an amazing experience followed by the most painful fucking gameplay ever. I dont know how but Rockstar made me hate this game I fell in love with.
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»