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Oh so pretty but oh my the Ubisoft grindathon is real
Cute little Indie with a relaxing vibe for most of the game. It has some interesting physics based mechanics that extend beyond what you might think a hole in the ground can do, but it really doesn't fully show off this potential until the very end of the game.

Overall, this game has some fun and relaxing moments and even get a few laughs, but I would recommend everyone wait for a sequel if and when they continue to develop more interesting dynamics like what was done in the end of the game. 

Get it on game pass while you still can, otherwise, skip it and wait for Donut County 2
«Sit back and relax»
«That ending!»
A more than worthy sequel minimally dragged down by cinematic game design at points
Boring game with no story and strange controls. I was already angry at the game after one hour. Didn't have fun during that time.
«Waste of time»
This game was like $5 on the Xbox store, and I was looking for a game to cure my boredom at the time, and this for sure did that.  This game reeled me in for quite a bit and I felt like I got enough out of the game to stop looking for more endings.  I recommend if you have nothing else to do and enjoy exploring endless branching narratives and walking sims.
Many thought that WB Montreal was going to deliver an Arkham-esque game with this one, but that was for sure not the case.  Although it was made clear we would be stepping into Batman's shadows and forced to embrace different styles of combat and general gameplay mechanics, this game proved to be very boring at times.  I appreciated the attention to detail with regard to the varying dialogue amongst the 4 playable characters, but the game did a poor job of making sure I would switch from character to character every once in a while.  Upgrades you earned as one character was only for that character, which basically forced me to max out Red Hood and play as him for the majority of the game.  Because of this, I missed out on some other focal points that the other characters maintained, like stealth, which would have let me reminisce about the Arkham games, at least a little bit.  Aside from the fundamental feel the game had, the low frame rate on the Xbox Series X was a turn off from the start - and it is not even like one of those things where frame rate is sacrificed for better graphics.  Rocksteady's 2015 Batman: Arkham Knight had better graphics than this game.  To top it off, the top speed for the bat-cycle was comically slow and was a perfect reflection of the game as a whole: badass before playing it, disappointing during and after playing it.
it wont let me play
«Disappointment of the year»
This is almost an interactive movie working sim, with many strange events to be studied. I felt that I didn't play at all, instead I watched a lot of cutscenes and read a lot and that took a bit of the fun to me. The story is intriguing, ngl, but overall I didn't really enjoy my time with it.
«That ending!»
Just trial and error gets boring pretty quickly.
Having only played from 2006-2011 games, I gave this one a try since it seemed to finally be good.
It's pretty great. The controls take some time to get used to. The modes are all great, except for MyFaction (mtx mode basically). The best is the Showcase, it's great with the changes to the real matches.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
It’s actually quite interesting. I’m fascinated on how it progresses the story in a semi understandable manner.

I actually like the format. You get a story that’s jumbled around in a “random” order but by using certain searches you can often figure out who’s on the other side of the camera and choose some general trends of where it will go. Then the game has some limits where it naturally progresses the story. I’m assuming it’s after you watch a certain number of videos it unlocks the next batch and it just doesn’t tell you that’s happening in the background.

The acting and writing has been really quite good. It’s quality TV level of acting and writing. 

I think I’m close to the end. I’m curious how it ends. I hope the ending is satisfying. That’s my biggest concern with a story told in this format. 

A few complaints. Rewinding videos to start from the beginning is annoying. And I didn’t realize you need to bookmark videos so I had to go back and bookmark a ton of bookmarks after to progress the story. I felt like I had pretty much found all the videos but wasn’t getting anywhere new.

It drags on a little long. For the last stretch I was struggling to find new videos fast enough and it started feeling like busy work rather than an investigation. I was ready for the conclusion.

Finished it and I actually really liked the story ending. It’s pretty good. I got bored of the “gameplay” for the final 20% but I do think the story stuck the landing.

For a purely story based game it’s actually pretty high on my list. I will definitely play immortality now and maybe her story as well. 

Final Score: B
Probably one of the best games I've ever played, to the point where after I got the achievement for discovering every area, I got legitimately sad that the game was almost over lol. I love the aesthetic of this game, which is helped further by the amazing art style & score, not to mention the general design of the areas, which are visually breathtaking at times. idk when I'll get around to playing the DLCs but I feel like I got enough out of this game without them so maybe next playthrough !!! There were a few frustrating moments (mainly involving some lackluster/annoying bosses) but nothing really bad enough to sour the experience for me :)

Playtime: ~17 hours.
Kinda a let down considering it took me like a year to get around to it. I didn't really enjoy the core gameplay loop after the first few hours and although there were some interesting concepts, the game just fell flat in my opinion. Also it's ugly as sin :(

Playtime: ~47 hours